Sunday, 10 February 2013

Zayn Malik

“That was absolutely amazing!” With a wide smile on his face, your boyfriend sits down on the soft bright red carpet in front of a large black couch, resting his head on the edge. “I’m so tired I could be collapsing right now, though…” Zayn closes his eyes and wipes away some drops of sweat off his neck with a towel he has just grabbed.
“You were phenomenal, babe!” You plump down next to him on the ground and grab his hand, making him smile with his eyes still closed.
“Thank you”, Zayn says and he looks at you. It seems like he can use some sleep indeed, but it looks cute on him. It remains silent as he strokes your hand palm with his thumb, smiling at you as he pulls you closer and kisses your lips, just quickly. “I’m really happy you came to watch us tonight. Thank you”, he speaks and you kiss his cheek as you stand up.
“You’re very welcome.” You walk over to the fridge and turn your head around the corner. “Hey, want anything to drink?” Zayn nods a bit dreamily and mumbles:
“Yeah, sure, just some water, please.” All of a sudden a noise sounds from the corridor and two other boys plunge into the room.
“Best one yet! Ah, can I go back to the start of that gig and do it all over again, please?” Louis shouts out and he jumps onto the black couch Zayn has been resting his head on. “Are you tired, Malik?” Louis grins and slaps his best friend’s cheek. Zayn frowns and stands up with difficulty. He doesn’t answer and grabs the bottle you’ve just filled for him with water. Liam, who has also walked into the room with Louis, is a bit more silent and less hyper than Louis currently is. His eyes light up when he sees you with Zayn.
“Hey, [Your Name]! Great to see you here! Enjoyed the show?” He walks up to you and hugs you with a smile.
“Oh yes, I really did!” You exclaim. “I actually had loads of fun out there, you did a great job!”
“Thank you”, Liam says and Zayn looks around when Niall and Harry also enter the room. You greet them as well and Zayn gestures at the door, taking your arm.
“Shall we go somewhere else for a while?” He says, indicating to the other boys, who are all being very loud. You agree with him and leave the room with Zayn, yet able to hear Harry whistling at you both. You shake your head and place your hand around Zayn’s arm when you walk through the dark corridor of the concert hall.
“What place are you taking me to?” You ask curiously. Zayn shows you a crooked smile and he pinches your skin.
“The main stage”, he says and you stop walking.
“The stage? But are we even allowed to…?” Zayn grins mischievously and literally drags you with him to the next door.
“No. Do you care?” Zayn and you chuckle and you foolishly run together until you arrive at the large steel stage doors. You put down the heavy handle and push against the door. You go first and walk around the large cloths and curtains that reach up high to go to the main stage. Your heart is actually starting to beat louder, just like you’re going to have a performance yourself, when you step onto the stage.
“So this is what it feels like…” You whisper as you walk further over the black stage. The hall is completely empty and all that’s left are the dark red seats all around you. Soft spotlights are still on, but the whole thing looks a little bit mysterious caused by its emptiness. You hear Zayn approaching behind you and laying an arm around your waist.
“Unreal, isn’t it?” He whispers in your ear and you look over the upper rings.
“Overwhelming”, you say with admiration in your voice. “I only just realize how huge this concert hall actually is! Wow…” Zayn chuckles softly and you feel his breath tickling your neck, you smell a strong scent of mint. Suddenly he lets you go and you shiver when his body warmth leaves you.
“Wait, you should check this out!” He says, his brown eyes twinkle and he runs over to the very front of the stage, looking into the illusion of a dark crowd, which isn’t obviously there. He softly starts to sing They Don’t Know About Us and it actually echoes through the whole place, making it sound louder and more intense. Zayn doesn’t stop singing and you walk up to him, having goose bumps on your arms and back. Your lower lip starts to tremble when your hand glides over his back, up to his neck and shoulder, his voice penetrating in your head. Zayn finishes the chorus and looks at his left. His long, dark eyelashes are even more visible en profile.
“Amazing echo, right?” He says softly, with a deep voice, staring you into the eyes.
“Stunning…” You whisper. Without knowing he has even moved, he presses his lips onto yours, starting a passionate kiss. He gently places his hands behind your head and between your shoulder blades, kissing you with all the intense feelings he currently has. His fingers slowly go through your hair and caress your cheekbone. You take a little break to gasp for air, watching Zayn’s eyes and laying your head on his chest.
“I love you, Zayn”, you mutter against the fabric of his shirt. He wraps his arms around you and holds you tight, leaving a sweet kiss on your forehead.
“I love you too, [Your Name]. If only I could express how much I care about you. It’s not to be said with just words”, he says.
All of a sudden a loud sound disturbs you, coming from down the stage, somewhere in a corner of the room, where one of the entrances is located. The door opens and a bunch of girls carefully walks into the concert hall. You’re both too surprised to move and stay there in the middle front of the stage, embracing.
“Excuse me?” A girl’s voice sounds and Zayn confusedly lets go of you to walk over the stage into the direction the girls are standing. You just follow him and try to count the amount of people of the group, which is hard caused by the dark.
“What are they doing here?” You hear Zayn mumbling as he reaches another edge of the stage.
“Um, I’m sorry, but we heard you singing and thought we could come up here to, um…like…meet you.” The girl shyly stutters.
“It was beautiful by the way!” Another girl assures him.
“Thank you”, Zayn says awkwardly and a little embarrassed. You’re not sure whether to come and stand next to him or just stay back here on the stage. He glances over his shoulder and gestures you should come over to him as well. The girls keep completely silent and watch at you as you bite your lip.
“Hi”, you say a bit insecure. You count five girls, so not as many as it seemed in the first place.
“You are so gorgeous, [Your Name]”, a girl with a cute face dares to break the silence. You don’t know how to react and feel a bit twitchy, but thank the girl, whose name is Katy, anyway. Zayn starts to feel more comfortable and utters:
“I agree with you!” He smiles at you cheekily and one of the girls starts to ‘aww’.
“That’s so cute! You’re such a beautiful couple together!” A blonde girl says.
“Aw, you’re sweet, thank you”, you tell them thankfully.
“Listen, girls, we’d love to stay here and talk to you, but we should go back to the dressing rooms, I think”, Zayn says abruptly. “We’re not even allowed to be here.” The girls start to giggle and a girl called Sara asks:
“Could we take a picture with you?” Zayn watches you like he asks for permission and you just shrug.
“That should be fine, I guess!” As Zayn jumps off the stage and takes some pictures, one of the girls looks up at you from beneath there and asks with red cheeks:
“Would you like to take a picture with me, too?” You frown for a second, but don’t hesitate and go off the stage as well.
“With me?” You speak to her, being very surprised.
“Yes”, the girl says and admits: “You know, you inspire me so much. Although you receive such bad messages online you still manage to stay strong, I really admire that. You’re a beautiful person.” The girl’s blue eyes twinkle and you just see she means what she has just said.
“Thank you”, you whisper and you swallow once to keep yourself from crying.

After you’ve taken a few pictures you and Zayn finally go backstage again. Eventually there, you hug him tightly.
“Those girls were so sweet”, you tell him and Zayn nods, tightening his grip on your waist. “The things they said to me were so nice.” Your lower lip trembles again, you smile softly and Zayn kisses a spot behind your ear.
“You deserve every nice word they have said to you”, Zayn says. He takes your head in his hands and places a soft kiss on your forehead and his melodious voice sounds through the room. “You deserve the whole world.”

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