Friday, 5 April 2013

Harry Styles

‘Oh, believe me, it’s going to be a great night. I promise it won’t happen again.’
Those words keep echoing in your mind. Your sight is a little bit faint and the loud bass pounds in your head as you close your eyes and turn away from your friend. You stand still in the moving crowd, with your arms loosely down along your body, opening your eyes again. So many unfamiliar faces, yet so few different facial expressions. It’s rather confusing.
This night you’ve spotted three types of people already: the tipsy kind that thinks everything’s funny, the drunk type that can’t stand on their own feet any longer and the good kind that’s just out here for a sociable night. That’s what you were supposed to have: a sociable night, with one of your best friends. It turns out to be the complete opposite. With your right hand you wipe away a lock of hair from your eyes and glance over your shoulder. You take a very deep breath and almost march away from your friend and the guy she’s with at the moment. You’re not even sure, but it might be her fourth already. Trying to keep the tears in, you bite your lower lip and walk through the dancing crowd on your own, looking around for someone you may know. Eventually you plump down on a stool at the bar, feeling completely lost and over all very lonely. You feel embarrassed to realize what people might think of you right now: a girl, sitting alone at the bar, with her face most probably covered with red blotches from being upset. You rest your elbow on the bar and lay your chin in your hand palm. You should have known this wouldn’t turn out: it’s definitely not the first time it happens!
An alarming presentiment appears in your stomach when you hear someone sitting down next to you and them quickly but roughly touching your arm, which causes you to get goose bumps. You hastily pull away your arm and the person who has touched you speaks:
“I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to smack you like that!” You look up with a frown, looking right into a pair of twinkling, green eyes. You try to keep your mouth shut but paired with that thought your jaw drops.
“Harry! But-… I thought…” You shake your head and he opens his arms with a big smile on his face to hug you.
“I’m so glad to meet you here!” He exclaims and he lets you go again.
“I need some explanation”, you mumble confusedly. “I thought you moved to LA! Or am I completely wrong?” The sadness you’ve just felt has disappeared, caused by Mister ‘Sunshine’ Styles himself.
“You’re not”, Harry says, while grabbing a beer from the bar, which the man behind it just put down for him. He pulls a questionable face and a dimple appears in his left cheek, while his eyes stray down to yours again. “Actually, I’ve lived there for a couple of months. But, to be honest, I couldn’t stand it out there. I missed London too much.” He smiles shyly at his hands and looks up at you again. “So, tell me, [Your Name], how have you been? Haven’t spoken to you in a while!” You start to laugh at him and quickly tell the bar man you want to have a coke, as you turn your face to Harry’s again. His curls are a little bit shorter than they were the last time you’ve seen him, but his green eyes still carry the mischievous twinkles you’ve always adored so much and never failed to cheer you up.
“A while?” You say. “Must have been over two months!” Harry puts down his beer and pulls an innocent, apologizing face:
“I’m sorry, I’ve been so busy! I should have texted you at least. I’m such a horrible friend.” You pinch his shoulder and nod without saying anything. Harry’s apologizing frown disappears and he watches you with his eyebrows raised. “Anyway, I haven’t received an answer from you yet. Are you okay? You seemed upset when I sat down.” You look down at your hands and fiddle a bit with your fingers, awkwardly biting your lip again.
“Yes…” You murmur. Harry lays his hand on your knee and you blush when he looks you in the eyes.
“Listen”, he speaks. “Whatever the problem is, you can always tell me, [Your Name].” He watches you insinuatingly and you look away, resting your arm on the bar.
“I don’t know about you, but I didn’t come here alone”, you say and you sip on your coke. Harry nods and listens carefully. “I came here with one of my friends…” You hesitate and keep silent for a few seconds. “The problem is: I don’t think she even realizes.” You goggle and Harry uncomprehendingly shakes his head, his curls move along.
“Why do you think that?” He asks sweetly. You sigh deeply:
“Because she’s like making out with every guy she meets, while I’m standing next to her. She makes me feel like I don’t even exist. Like she uses me to be able to go out”, you say with an angry overtone in your voice. You feel the tears appearing behind your eyes.
“I’ve told her how I felt about it earlier and she promised it wouldn’t happen again, but now…” You can’t control yourself anymore and let everything out:
“She’s just unchangeable! It’s like she doesn’t even care about me!” Harry carefully puts his arms around you and holds you close to his body. You rest your head on his chest as he rubs your back.
“I understand”, he whispers and he puts a little kiss on your cheek. It comes quite unexpected and you jump up surprised. “I can drive you home if you’d like me to?” You look up at Harry’s beautiful face, lighted by the multiple coloured spotlights, and he smiles lightly, wiping away the tears from your cheeks as you once blink with your moist eyes.
“Thank you, Harry”, you whisper calmly. Your heartbeat turns back into normal again and suddenly you don’t care about the people around you any longer. “I’m sorry I shouted at you and I’m so sorry I-…” Harry puts one finger on your lips and smiles cheekily.
“Don’t speak. I’m fine. That’s what friends are for, right?”

After a short conversation with Harry and a curt, clear text message to your friend, you both have gone to his car so he could drive you home. During the trip you haven’t really said anything, but it felt great being there, almost like the old times when Harry used to go to the same school as you did. At some point, Harry laid his hand on your lap, smiling from beneath the steering wheel with a protecting grin. You closed your eyes and smiled back at him.

“Here we are!” Harry’s enthusiastic voice sounds and you chuckle when you open your eyes again and notice you’re entering your street.
“Thanks for taking me home, Harold”, you teasingly use his nickname.
“No problem”, Harry says and he stops the car, opening the door and running around so he can let you out at last. He helps you out of the car and takes your hand, locking the car doors with a soft beep, as you walk over the pavement together.
“You know”, you speak, while your house is getting into sight. “I feel a little bit bad I left her there.” Harry abruptly stops walking and watches you surprised.
“Really?” He says with his eyes wide open and you laugh at his ridiculous facial expression.
“I almost feel sorry for her she has to stay with that random dude, while I’m here with you”, you say. It remains silent and you hardly regret speaking out that thought, until you finally arrive at the porch of your house.
“So”, Harry’s voice sounds. “I think we should say goodbye here.” It’s such a magical scene: the lanterns only give you a soft light and Harry’s voice is just too melodious and beautiful to be true. Harry’s eyes are focused on yours and you don’t speak, but lean a little bit into him. He lifts up your chin with his fingers, smiles and softly presses his lips onto yours. You take his face in both your hands as you kiss him gently. Harry rests his left hand on your back and the fingers of his right hand run through your hair affectionately. He softly pulls you closer and you feel his loud heartbeat through his shirt when his tongue slowly slips into your mouth. A last sweet tasting peck on the lips finishes your passionate moment and Harry takes you in his arms again. You close your eyes and hear him whispering in your ear:
“I think I should tell you a secret…. It wasn’t just London that I missed so much.”

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