Saturday, 12 January 2013

Louis Tomlinson

“You better turn around quickly, I don’t want you to fall over!” With a vague sight, like mist looming in front of your eyes, you see your best friend grabbing your wrist.
People that are calmly shopping should use this street. Mothers and their babies in prams, ready to go home. Or probably even stressful businessman and –women. But definitely not hyper fangirls.
This is absolutely one of the craziest things you’ve ever experienced. You’ve just gone to London with your best friend to have fun, to have dinner somewhere, go out for the night and visit a club. None of you would have ever thought about discovering a bunch of fangirls, screaming loudly in front of your favourite nightspot. The street is undoubtedly filled to overflowing.
“Wait, we could go that wa-… Some girl almost punches you in the face with her elbow and you recoil, so your friend’s grip around your wrist loosens.
“Turn around!” Your friend panicky shouts. A second girl’s elbow is on its way to hit you in the eyes and you try to avoid it. This time it doesn’t work out that nicely for you though.
“Autch! Seriously, what the…” For a second you grab your nose, which almost feels like it’s bleeding, with both your hands. It doesn’t take long before you realize you’ve lost your friend in the crowd. How will you even be able to find her in this misery? A stab in your tummy causes you to drop your handbag. You quickly try to grab it from the ground and try to find a way through the large amount of girls. It isn’t kind of an achievement though, because you only walk three steps forward and stumble already. With your hands you try to protect your head. You cringe as certain feet of unsuspecting people come down on your back and utter something totally not understandable. An infernal pain goes through your ankle and you’re not able to move. All of a sudden, your sight darkens and eventually you can’t see anything no more.

“I wish she would wake up again!” A well-known voice sounds, almost begging. For a moment you’re confused. Who needs to wake up? You try to open your eyes, but nothing happens, your eyelids feel extremely heavy, it’s like they’re sewn together. Just now you notice you’re lying on a soft surface. It feels like a bed. And that might be it.
“I think she’s awake.” Another voice sounds relieved. It happens to work to open your eyes right now, just a little, so you’re able to see through your eyelashes. The sudden bright light kind of hurts and makes you feel like you’re having one of these bad headaches. The only things you discover are a large, strange thing around your leg and a white blanket covering your body. Oh, and the two black silhouettes at the front of your bed should be people.
“Hello, can you hear me?” The worried voice you’ve heard earlier speaks. A black silhouette leans over your bed. An itchy feeling shows up in your nostrils and you sneeze, most probably into the person’s face.
“Oh dear, she’s awake!” A woman’s voice laughs. Only now you notice the heavy pains in your leg, with the plaster around it. It feels like ten thousands of sharp knives are stabbed into your ankle.
Involuntary you get up, but it hurts too much to stay that way and you fall back onto the cushions. While doing that, your eyes immediately open widely.
Your heart skips a beat as you notice the guy waiting here next to your sickbed. You actually could have never dreamt about meeting this lad, not to mention the way in which you meet him right now. How did you end up in this bed anyway?
Louis Tomlinson.
The voice in your head keeps repeating is name. A pair of blue eyes watches you, almost anxiously and Louis smiles a little bit. You want to say something, but there’s not a single word that finds its way to the exit that’s your mouth. Louis leans over you again and you turn red, realizing you’ve just sneezed into his face.
“You don’t have to say anything, just rest for a while.” He gestures at another pillow, but you refuse his offer. How can you even lie down uncomfortably with such a sight in front of you?
“Just leave her alone now, young man. She needs her rest.” You turn your head around and have a look at the strict-looking nurse, sitting next to Louis. Louis shrugs and stands up, looking at you apologetically. Just as he almost reaches the door, you pronounce a soft ‘no’. The nurse watches you severely from beneath her glasses, mumbles something like ‘fine with me’ and leaves the room, closing the door behind her.
You’re alone now with Louis in one room. You can’t help it, but the thought makes your heart beat faster and louder.
“I want to know what happened”, you say laboriously, but determined. Louis sits down onto your bed, the edge of it. My god, he looks breathtakingly handsome today! You force yourself not to stare at him too much and watch your hands as an alternative.
“Well”, Louis starts, fortunately not able to read your thoughts, “I bet you know why the streets were filled with teenage girls this noon?” You grin weakly.
“I think I might understand why now, yes.” Louis smiles and looks at your face, which takes your breath away for a millisecond.
“I saw you passing out in between of a few girls.” You can’t simply look away from his beautiful blue eyes, but listen closely to the story he’s telling. “I actually didn’t hesitate at all, I immediately decided to help you. I picked you up and got you to the left side of the road.” The last sentence is spoken out like it is nothing, but he continues: “Over there I shouted at Paul to call an ambulance, I was freaking out.” He looks at you concerned when he notices your glassy eyes. “Are you alright? I should probably leave, the nurse might be…”
“No, please, stay.” You cough and slowly grab his warm hand. The touch causes a shiver through your veins. A few seconds ago you have just been blown away by the fact Louis has lifted you up. That means he has carried you in his arms. Such a lucky thing that Louis doesn’t let go of your hand.
“What’s your name?” He asks. Oh, yes, your name. Softly, to save what’s left of your voice, you whisper your name. “Beautiful”, Louis says with a mischievous grin. “I’m Louis.”
“No, really?” You say with an acting voice. Louis bursts out laughing and you do the same, although your throat hurts. Suddenly it remains silent and you feel the urge to say something that has popped up into your mind:
“Thank you very much, Louis”, you whisper.
“That’s no problem, babe, everyone would have done the same”, Louis says modestly, his cheeks turn a little bit red. It looks incredibly sexy. Silence reappears and Louis stares into your eyes with a shy look on his face, he bites his lip and tightens his grip around your hand.
Totally unexpected the door opens again and the nurse plunges into the room.
“And now she needs to rest, do you hear me?” She angrily shouts. Louis quickly glances at you with the mischievous twinkles in his eyes that you know so well and winks at you:
“See you in a few minutes, pretty.”

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  1. Just ask, but when you're gonna write next chapter to your fan fics? :) x