Sunday, 16 December 2012

Liam Payne & Louis Tomlinson

Part 1 ~ Louis & Liam
Why do things never go like they are planned in the first place? This must have been the weirdest day you’ve ever had in your life.
With a loud smack you throw your bag on your bed and sit down onto the soft cushions. Your head’s a complete chaos and even staring at the wallpaper in front of you doesn’t get you calm like it normally does. In your mind you try to clean up the mess and relive the experiences that have happened today.

You and your best friend have attended at the studios because the lads, also known as the world’s biggest boyband One Direction, thought it would be fun for you to watch how they record their songs and all. Little did you know what that decision would have brought to you later…
It had all started with a lovely chat because it had been a long time since you’d seen all your friends together. At some point you really wanted to see something of the building itself. ‘Come on, let me show you around’, Liam had said. He had taken your hand and showed you the immense building on the inside, leaving the guys and your friend behind. After walking through thousands of hallways you’d totally gotten lost of which direction to walk in. Fortunately Liam knew where to go. At least that’s what he’d said to you. You both ended up in one of the little recording studios, where something unexpected happened: Liam kissed you. Totally out of nowhere. After you’d locked lips, you didn’t hesitate and left the room and the building without saying goodbye to any of your friends, leaving Liam in utter confusion at the same time.

You close your eyes and still see the disbelief written on Liam’s face. It might have been a mistake. It might have been an ebullition.
You rest your head against the wall, trying to get more relaxed but it just won’t work.
Suddenly your phone goes off and you get really scared, jumping off your bed to reach for it. It might be your mum, telling you she’s sorry about being home so late. You quickly glance at the screen and discover it’s actually Louis who’s calling.
“Hello!” You say.
“Hiii babe!” Louis’ enthusiastic voice sounds on the other side of the telephone. You grin widely. Hearing Louis’ voice just makes you smile. It’s probably the fact he’s such a happy and funny person: he always makes people laugh.
“Hi, Lou”, you say, “what’s the matter?” You hear Louis sighing and a crackling sound appears.
“Depends…” He simply says and it keeps silent. You raise one eyebrow, because you’re not really used to Louis acting like this.
“What?” You say. You dislike this conversation already. It makes you feel awkward.
“Well”, Louis starts, sounding hesitant again. “There’s nothing wrong with me. I just wanted to ask why you left so early. I was kind of concerned! Have you been fooling around somewhere with Liam or anything? He didn’t want to tell us anything about it.” Louis says it in such a way that it sounds like a joke. Right now it’s your turn to act hesitant:
“I don’t think he wants anyone to know about it”, you say, quite sure about your thinking. If there’s one person who shouldn’t know about this, it will be Louis.
The thing that makes it so extremely difficult to tell is the fact you think Louis might have a crush on you. And not just that.
“Babe?” Louis asks. “Are you still there?” You shake your head and bite your lower lip.
“Yes”, you say with a deep sigh.
“Listen”, Louis starts seriously, “I have to go now, but if anything’s wrong I’m here for you. I could even come over to your house in a few minutes if you would like me to. Just call me if you need me!” Louis finishes with a kissing sound and hangs up. You don’t know whether to smile or cry. It’s all clear that Louis does like you in a special way.
You haven’t even put away your phone, or it starts to beep again. You frown and a scared feeling creeps into your stomach. Is this seriously happening? You bite your lip and stare at your mobile phone: a text has just arrived in your inbox. It’s not your mum. It’s not Louis either. You feel like you’re almost going to cry, reading the text you just got:
‘Dear [Your Name],
I know I’ve been stupid and I’m sorry for that.
I really want to make some things clear.
5PM, your back garden?
You gasp and throw your phone onto your bed. Why? Why these two boys? It’s just not fair! Your lips tremble and you stare outside. The twinkling stars in the sky are almost teasingly grinning at you. As if it isn’t hard enough already.
Deep in your heart you already know which lad you want to answer. It’s just the fact that you don’t want to disappoint either of them that makes it so difficult. You bite your lip and glance at the phone that’s lying on your bed, forcing you to send both these guys a text back. You sigh deeply and grab your phone. Your fingers hang above the little keys and you close your eyes. The words already fly around in your mind and all you have to do is write them down. That’s it.

What are you going to do?
*You call Louis and wait for him to arrive at your front door >
*You go and meet Liam at your back garden >

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