Sunday, 16 December 2012

Louis Tomlinson

Before reading this part, you should have finished this one first:

Part 2 ~ Louis
When the bell of the front door rings you close your eyes for a second and walk over to the hallway. It feels like your heart’s pounding somewhere in between of your lungs and your throat. You take a deep breath and open the front door, staring into Louis’ blue eyes immediately.
“Hi love!” Louis says with a soft smile. He’s wearing a thick jacket, because it’s getting colder outside. When he sees your facial expression his eyebrows form a concerned frown.
“Come on in”, you say and you close the door behind Louis. You try not to act twitchy, but it’s just what happens at the moment. You go through the door that leads to the living room and sit down on the couch with Louis.
“So tell me now, what really happened between you and Liam? Now don’t tell me it was nothing because you’d be lying”, Louis says and he lays one hand on your knee. You don’t wipe it away, but softly speak, with a breaking voice:
“We kissed. Or… He… We… Liam kissed me.” You don’t dare to look Louis in the eyes but stare at your hands. Louis keeps silent as you go on speaking: “The thing is… I’m in love with someone else.” You turn around at Louis and watch his face closely. He doesn’t speak, but his lips are a bit apart from each other.
“You are?” Louis says. His lips form a narrow line and in his eyes you read he’s in pain. “With who?” It stays silent and an uncomfortable feeling appears in your stomach, though you speak out the saving words:
“With you, Louis. I’m in love with you.” Louis doesn’t wait but responds to your statement by gently pressing his lips onto yours. It feels so familiar, like it has never been any other way. The kiss is over very quickly, but for some reason it feels like your lips are on fire just now.
“I can tell you a secret”, Louis says and he takes you in his arms, as you close your eyes. “I feel the same about you.”

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