Sunday, 16 December 2012

Liam Payne

Before reading this part, you should have finished this one first:

Part 2 ~ Liam
With a nervous feeling you grab the door knob and step outside, the cold wind immediately blows through your hair and you put up the zipper of your jacket, wrapping your scarf a bit tighter around your neck. A shiver goes down your spine as you walk further and suddenly feel a hand on your shoulder.
“[Your Name]?” Liam’s unsure voice sounds hesitatingly. You slowly turn around and look him in the eyes, which nervously go to and fro and finally glance at the ground. “I know this might be very unexpected and all…” He smiles insecurely and looks up. Just now you notice him fiddling with his hands. It actually looks so, so cute on him when he’s acting twitchy.
“Yes, Liam?” You speak out almost breathless. Liam doesn’t dare to look straight into your eyes but whispers:
“I want to tell you I’m sorry. I didn’t want to get you so upset. Probably I shouldn’t have kissed you. I’m sorry.” When you just stare at him and don’t speak a word, completely keeping silent, he sees it as a sign he’s done here and already turns around to walk away. You remain on your own and want to say something. This doesn’t feel right.
“Wait!” You exclaim and Liam immediately freezes. Your lips tremble and you grab his arm, turning him around. You are on the verge of tears and Liam’s eyes are moist. For a moment you stare each other in the eyes. All of a sudden you take his face in both your hands and passionately press your lips onto his. At first Liam confusedly stiffens and answers your kiss, but finally surrenders to it. He wraps his arms around you, resting on your back and glides one hand up to the back of your head, softly stroking your hair. Eventually you let him go and hug him tightly.
“You were not wrong, Liam. I was”, you whisper and kiss him once again on the lips. “I do love you.”