Sunday, 18 November 2012

Harry Styles

Hands folded. Fingers intertwined. Two pairs of eyes meet each other and speak a thousand words without a sound.
You feel a soft pinch on your hand and turn your head around. A light breeze is blowing through your hair and causes a shiver across your back.
“Babe?” You take a look at your left side where the deep voice has just sounded and stare into two green eyes. Brown curls cover this breathtaking handsome boy’s forehead as he closes his eyes and shows a shy smile, paired with dimples that appear in his cheeks.
“Yes, Harry?” You say with a trembling voice and you shiver again. You let go of Harry’s hand and fold your arms right in front of your chest.
“Are you getting cold? If so, I can get you my jacket if you want to?” Harry looks concerned and already starts putting of his dark blue jacket. He has been holding a guitar as well, so he carefully puts it down onto the cold sand of the beach.
“No, are you crazy? Keep it! You will get cold as well!” Harry doesn’t seem to listen and already hands you his jacket. You can’t even protest, because he already lays it over your back and puts his left arm around your waist. He softly kisses your cheek and a cold breath escapes from his mouth.
“Thank you”, you mumble. Harry is only wearing a thin blouse right now, so you’re not quite sure why he’s just done that to you. On the other side, you don’t dare to give it back to him. Harry grabs your hand again and you feel a soft glow coming from his skin that helps you to get warmer again.
You walk further over the beach with just the two of you. It’s dark and most probably around 4 AM, because you have decided to visit the beach after going out clubbing on the island. It’s the last day of the holidays, so you want to make the best out of it.
It’s really cold outside at the time, but the beach looks amazing with all its beautiful waves, dunes and even the clouds covering stars in the night sky. Harry and you have walked along his apartment on the camping, to grab his guitar and some warm clothes to prepare yourselves. That hasn’t really helped though: you’re totally freezing here. And it might even be worse for Harry, but he won’t admit he’s getting cold.
After you’ve been walking for a while, Harry chooses a place between the dunes where you decide to sit down. Harry puts an arm around your waist as you take place and pulls you close to him. You grab the fleece you’ve brought with you and wrap it around both your backs. It’s a way to get warmer and keep away from the heavy wind, only a little, but it helps. The thing that makes the difference is the fact you’re sitting close to each other.
“Shall I play you a song?” Harry’s melodious husky voice almost whispers. You take a look at his face and discover the sparkles in his eyes and the gorgeous smile on his face you adore so much.
“Well, yes please!” You immediately answer. Harry starts to chuckle caused by that reaction and you turn red, knowing you’ve never heard anything more beautiful in your life than his laugh. Although… He’s going to play you a song now….
“Which song do you want me to play?” Harry asks and he grabs the guitar, storing it on his lap.
“I bet you can play ‘Little Things’?” You say almost breathless, by imagining how that’d sound.
“Yes, of course”, Harry smirks and he strikes a few chords on the guitar. He glances at you and his lips curl up. “I hope you like it. This is for you, [Your Name].” Harry starts to play and when he starts to sing he totally gives you goose bumps all over your body. While he’s playing and singing with such emotion and fragileness in his voice, you’re crying in no time. You try to keep the tears in, but notice your cheeks have already gotten wet.
Harry plays the entire song and when he’s finished he keeps silent and watches you questionable. Your hand covers your mouth and you try to wipe away the tears, as Harry starts to speak again:
“Did you like it? I hope so. Because I felt really nervous playing it for you…” He admits cutely. You just shake your head at him and snuggle up closer next to him, laying your head against his upper arm.
“Harry. Do I seriously look like I didn’t like it? It was so beautiful I’ve been crying. You are amazing and one of the most talented boys I’ve ever met.” It remains silent and for a while Harry just looks at your eyes.
“Thank you”, he says. With that you kiss his lips and he responds to it quickly, by adding his tongue briefly. It’s a very short kiss that’s over in ten seconds, but most probably one of the sweetest kisses you’ve ever had. For a moment you both stare at the seashore, Harry is just rubbing your back under the fleece.
“I can’t believe the holidays are nearly over…” You whisper and Harry moves closer against you under the blanket, as his right hand grabs your wrist and with his left forefinger he starts to small draw circles on your hand palm. It’s such a soft and minuscule touch, but it still makes you shiver. Suddenly Harry stops, holds both your hands between his and looks up at you. The stars reflect in his eyes and you’re still able to discover a dimple in his cheek as a weak smile is put up on his face.
“Me neither”, is the only thing he can whisper. His green eyes sparkle and secretly reveal a sad expression in them. You swallow once because you feel like you’re going to cry again. That’s not pretty much the last thing you want Harry to remember of you.
Harry already senses your feelings and wants to occur you bursting out into tears. He puts his arms around you, laying your head against his body with his soft hands. You rest your right hand on his chest and bury your face in his blouse as he folds the blanket tighter around you both.
“Harry”, you mumble and you feel tears appearing behind your eyelids. “I don’t want this summer to end. Never.” Your voice breaks as Harry starts to stroke your hair and kisses the part of your forehead where your hair starts.
“You know, beautiful?” He says. His voice sounds low, sexy and emotional, yet fragile. You notice he’s hesitating, but only for a second, and he speaks out: “No matter what happens next, no matter where you will be or what I’ll be doing. I’ll always remember the special moments we shared together.” After speaking that out, his cold lips meet yours and you kiss under the moon, with the sounds of the shore and the wind blowing in the background. “You always will be my summer love.”

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