Thursday, 8 November 2012

Niall Horan

Sometimes there are moments when you just need to stare without actually realizing what you’re looking at. Sometimes your mind drifts away into some random dreamy fantasy that keeps you out of the real world for a while. Or you just stare at something very beautiful, from which you can’t simply look away.
That’s exactly what shows up just now: a pair of deep blue eyes with soft twinkles has gotten your attention and just when you realize you have been staring, it is too late already.
“Why were you staring at me?” The voice that speaks definitely sounds as angelic as the blue eyes look. You blink, your sight stops being blurry and your eyes focus on the whole face of the person in front of you. The corners of your mouth curl up and a cute boyish chuckle sounds when you open your mouth and answer:
“Because I like the colour blue.” You giggle.
“Oh, do you?” The lad you have been staring at shows a wide smile, which reveals a row of perfect teeth, along with sparkling silver braces. “Then why did you look at my eyes when the walls of our living room are actually blue?” The twinkles in your boyfriend’s eyes become even stronger and you pinch his arm.
“Because that’s not the same, Niall!” You exclaim and Niall starts to laugh his adorable loud laugh at you.
“Alright, enough”, he abruptly says and he stands up, grabbing your hand quickly. Without an explanation, he drags you through the living room, into the hallway, where he stops walking and lets you go.
“What kind of action were you even performing?” You ask with a scornful laugh.
“We’re leaving. Going outside”, Niall says without making direct eye contact, handing you your jacket.
“Are you crazy? It’s freezing outside! And dark…” Although you still haven’t got an answer, you obediently put on your jacket over your sweater. You grab two scarves to ensure you’re not going to freeze to death outside, whatever Niall is planning. After putting on some gloves, Niall grabs your hand, still keeping silent, and opens the door. A strongly cold wind immediately surrounds you and you feel your lips trembling as you step outside on the gravel path. Niall starts to walk and you let go of his hand to stand still.
“Niall, what the hell are we going to do? Can you at least answer my question instead of walking along like you’ve just lost your tongue?” Niall turns around and steps towards you, a few blonde locks of hair show up from underneath his hood as he smiles at you, his blue eyes focused on you.
“Do you have a little bit of patience or not?” He asks and he tilts his head a little. How can you even resist such a cute, Irish boy? Niall questionable raises one eyebrow and you sigh deeply, which leaves a misty cloud in the air in front of you.
“Fine. But if we’re going to die caused by the cold, it is all your fault.”

“Why did I say yes to this again?” You almost stutter and shivers show up on your back because of the frigid wind that just finds its way through your clothes somehow.
“You practically didn’t.” Niall smirks and he teasingly pinches your hand through the glove.
Niall has leaded you to a piece of nature near his house, with a rocky subsoil and tall trees surrounding.
“It’ll be worth it, trust me”, Niall says when he cleverly avoids a sharp rock.
“I can’t feel my fingertips anymore”, you whine.
“Don’t worry, we’re almost there!” Niall says, ignoring your last sentence. You don’t understand how he can even act so happy and jumpy when it might be around -10 degrees Celsius outside. With a soft groan you realize it starts to snow now as well. And not just leisurely: thick, white and fluffy looking snowflakes fall down the sky and cover the ground with a little soft carpet in no-time. You put your scarves up a bit higher to cover your neck. Suddenly you notice Niall has stopped walking and he grabs your hands again, both now. His face is only a few centimetres away from you and you feel his cold breath tickling your face as he pulls you closer to him and you walk along with your arms resting onto each other’s back.
“Close your eyes, babe, and don’t be scared”, Niall whispers. Suddenly you totally forget it is so cold outside, just by hearing the tone in Niall’s intense voice. You slowly step forward and feel your feet destroying the fresh snow on the ground. You still walk with your eyes closed, feeling completely safe because Niall is holding you. Your feet suddenly hit something more flat. It sounds like you’re walking on a wooden ground now. You hear Niall stops walking, because his footsteps don’t sound any longer and he lets you go. That makes you quite scared and you want to open your eyes, but you still feel Niall standing beside you and messing with some things that sound like…keys?
“Keys?” You plump out. Niall’s laugh follows and by the way he sounds you can just tell he’s shaking his head. A door opens, but you don’t want to ruin the surprise and wait until Niall allows you to look again. He grabs your hand and you step forward. As a door behind you closes, a comfortable feeling immediately appears around you.
“Open your eyes, welcome to our paradise”, Niall whispers sensually and you dare to look.
You don’t do anything but gasp when you open your eyes and watch the area around you.
Niall has brought you to a little house that looks like one you stay at when you’re on a skiing holiday: it’s completely built using a light kind of wood and a soft ancient light welcomes you. There’s actually a stove at the left of this room, with a crackling fire to keep you warm. An enormous brown couch with soft looking white pillows stands at the left and you discover a bearskin in front of the stove now.
“Wow”, you just say and you look at Niall. It’s not the cold that gives you shivers now any longer.
Niall grabs your hands and removes your gloves, his cold fingers accidentally touch your face as he detaches the scarves and unzips your jacket. It’s really nice and warm in this little cottage and according to Niall, it’s completely yours.
You either haven’t noticed or Niall has magic powers, because he suddenly stands in front of you without his jacket and other winter stuff on.
“You have red cheeks from the cold”, Niall cutely says and he strokes your cheek. You grab his hand in a reflex.
“Your hands are cold!” You shout and you smile shyly. Niall looks at you, a soft shadow paired with lights from the fire lay around his face and he shows you a crooked smile.
“Sorry”, he says, probably even more shy than you’re feeling right now. “So…. Do you like it?” He gestures at the device of the cottage and awaits your reaction.
“I love it!” You say, still overwhelmed. “It’s so sweet, Niall, how did you-…” You don’t finish your sentence, because Niall interrupts you:
“Come on, you’re still cold, I have a soft plaid on the couch.” He carefully helps you through the room and you sit down on the couch, with your legs pulled up against your upper body, your arms lying around your knees. Your toes are still really cold, but that might be because you don’t really have shoes for the winter. Niall has grabbed a large green plaid and sits down next to you as he puts the blanket over you both. Under the blanket on the couch, he puts his arms around you and his cold lips leave a kiss on your cheek. You snuggle up next to him and bury your face in his warm sweater, onto his chest, with your hand lying over his body and his shoulder. You look up at Niall as your bodies slowly get warmer. Niall smiles at you. The mischievous twinkles in eyes have actually never left.
The orange fire and burning wood in the stove in front of you also leave a comfortable glow of warmth and Niall and you both stare into the flames, sitting there in silence with your arms around each other under a green plaid. Niall strokes a few almost melted snowflakes from your hair and you giggle softly, putting a kiss just under his jawline. You feel so safe with him.
The sound of roaring burning branches sounds in the background, when Niall looks you in the eyes with a significant glance and doesn’t speak, but that’s not necessary:
True love doesn’t need words.


  1. OMG.. Love it so much!! :D Please keep on writing these imagines! Even if I don't comment on them, I still read them and love them! :) <3<3<3 xxx

  2. Woww i m SerraOffical in twitter your imagines are soo long :-) and this is my blog