Monday, 10 September 2012

Liam Payne

“I am so excited! I don’t think I’m able to function properly anymore! Ah, what if I’m going to faint? What if they don’t… What if I wi-…”
“Oh, shut up, you’re not going to die, it’s just a signing!” With a smirk you shout at your friend, who’s nervously standing next to you. Secretly you’re feeling twitchy inside as well, but you try to hide it to calm your friend. She doesn’t have to know it feels like thousands of armies are fighting inside your tummy right now.
“I know”, your friend says with a deep sigh and she grabs your hand. You notice she’s quivering all over her body and shake your head with a weak grin.
“Now get in line, babe, we don’t want to get late!” You encourage her to walk further.
“Then hold me, I think I’m going to fall over.” You cover your face with your hands and groan softly, before taking her hand.
“Okay, but only if you stop whining. That’s not attractive at all! How do you want to impress the lads by acting like a complete idiot?”

It took lots of time, effort and the necessary bruises to get here, but finally you’re inside the building, waiting in line for possibly one of the most amazing days of your life. You have been supporting these five lads for a long, long time already: you’ve cried over them, you’ve sympathized with them over every little good and bad thing that have happened in their careers… And right now you’re about to meet them. The nerves actually start to take over control, but you try to keep them away. The advice you just gave to your friend also applies to you.
“They are only a few meters in front of us, [Your Name], do you see it? Do you feel it? Oh god, I think I see Harry’s hair! OH DEAR that’s Niall’s hand!” With a quick sudden move you cover your friend’s mouth with your hand and try not to scream at her.
“You’re making me nervous, stop raving out nonsense!” It’s getting more crowded and the girls around you keep pushing you out of their ways, but you try to keep place and walk forward. Eventually your best friend shuts up and bites her lip, knowing she should stop fangirling like this, otherwise something terrible will happen.
“I get it now, sorry. I think I just can’t handle the pressure”, she says with a crooked smile.
Only a few steps forward and you’re about to reach the table: finally you’re able to spot the five perfect boys right in front of you, in real life: One Direction. Niall’s at the left, he’s wearing a red snapback and a white tank top with a low neck so you’re able to see his chest a little. After Niall you see Harry: his curls are the first things you immediately notice. Lou has exceeded herself for real. It looks like she just styled Harry’s hair because you two are visiting the lads today. After Harry, there’s Liam, with a big, cute grin on his face as always, giving a high-five to every girl that passes. Next to Liam, there’s Zayn and Louis, both looking stunning. You discover Zayn’s arm that’s kind of covered in tattoos and Louis’ gorgeous blue eyes.
You quickly blink and remember you have arrived at the signing table.
“Hi, Niall!” You say with a smile when he sees you.
“Hey, babe! How are you?” Niall answers and you hand him the CD, so he can sign it. Unfortunately you have to move on very quickly before you’re even able to reply, because the security wants it like that.
“Can I get a hug, please?” You hear your friend saying next to you, with an enthusiastic overtone in her voice, and Niall stands up already, although the security doesn’t allow him. You just glance at Harry, who looks back at you with twinkling eyes, when something very unexpected happens:
You don’t even realize how, but what you do know is that a shriek sounds and the table falls over all of a sudden. A loud smack and the sound of screaming girls fills the room, when you stumble over the table and fall right on top of someone. It goes so incredibly swift that you’re feeling a bit dizzy when you hit the ground and the person below you.
“Oh I’m so sorry!” You shout in the chaos and you try to get off, but it does not work because your foot got stuck behind.
“It’s okay, let me help you!” A soft, deep, though very loud voice sounds. Your heart skips a beat when you realize it’s Liam’s. You’ve just landed on top of him by falling over! You look up and notice his face is very close to yours. He smiles at shyly he watches your eyes when he puts his strong arms around you to lift you up and get you off his body. He quickly grabs your hand and tells you to go and run with him backstage. You glance behind you and notice a few girls have been taken back by the security and others are fleeing from here with the boys as well. You walk further and further, as the loud screaming gets softer and you arrive backstage.
You blush when you notice Liam has been holding your hand all the time to take you with him, but don’t release it.
“What… Was that?” You dare to pronounce when you finally sit down somewhere on a couch. God knows how you’ve gotten here and how you’re even able to speak in presence of the whole of One Direction, including around ten girls. Liam has sat down on the couch next to you and puts his left arm on the backrest so it stays behind you, he pulls his right hand through his hair and sighs deeply with a confused expression on his face.
“If only I knew…” He whispers and he shakes his head, looking around the group. Niall even looks scared: his blue eyes are big and round, red blotches have appeared on his cheeks. Louis is just sitting there with his hands in front of his mouth.
“My friend just w-wanted to hu-hug Niall”, you stutter incredulously.
“And then the table…broke? How hilarious”, Liam says with a grin and he looks at you, then at Zayn. Zayn doesn’t really seem to find it funny, but you actually do and start to laugh with Liam. It sounds like a very nervous, uncomfortable laugh, but that doesn’t mean you’re not honest. Liam puts up his hand and invites you for a high five: you immediately accept.
“I don’t care staying here with you a little longer”, Liam admits and he smiles at you, putting his left arm a bit closer so it lays over your shoulders right now. “You’re the only one who seems to like my humour at the moment.” He grins cutely. You actually didn’t really expect something like this from Liam, but you actually like it. A lot. “So tell me, what’s your name?” Liam asks. While the others start to speak to each other, you’re having an actual conversation with Liam:
“I’m [Your Name]. Pretty weird to end up here with you all, though”, you say, still not believing this is real.
“Nice to meet you!” Liam says and his brown eyes sparkle while looking at you.
Your friend might be clumsy, but you did not really see this coming. And in the end, it is not even her who has fallen over, but you…on top of Liam Payne.

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