Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Harry Styles

Green, large leaves everywhere, immense trees that rise up to the sky as high as skyscrapers, the most beautiful coloured tropical flowers, animal sounds around you and the smell of a moist rainforest… With your eyes closed you try to perceive everything at once.
“Oh you wouldn’t”, a voice near you speaks and a smile appears around your lips, your eyes still unopened.
“Oh I would”, you speak with a mischievous chuckle and you turn around, slowly opening your eyes as your feet almost get stuck in the marshy ground. A tropical-looking bird flies over and makes a certain sound human can’t even imitate.
“Are you that brave?” The voice speaks again, right now from another point, so you turn around again. You immediately look right into a pair of green eyes, which have a frolic twinkle in them. Brown curls cover the person’s forehead as dimples appear on his cheeks, while he smiles. “I challenge you herewith.” You go and stand in front of your boyfriend, with your arms folded.
“Harry”, you carefully pronounce his name, “I would do it. You know I’m bad at lying, don’t you?” With a wide grin you grab his hand and you walk further through the forest, watching the path in front of you closely. Your hiking boots sink into the subsoil while stepping forward.
“Follow me, love!” Harry suddenly shouts and he steps around you to run further. “It’s only a few hundred meters away from here!” You shrug your shoulders and follow him. You see his curly hair bouncing up and down while he’s running and that makes you smile like an idiot.
Finally he stops running and you notice the forest suddenly became lighter and less overgrown. Harry stands still and watches you with his stunning smile. With his left hand he points at the light place.
“That way”, he says and he goes into the direction he just indicated. Again, you follow him and when you arrive at the light place, your jaw immediately drops.
You’re at the place where the forest stops to exist. Suddenly, the green plants and colourful flowers make place for a rocky, hard and sandy subsoil. The air doesn’t feel moist anymore and is suddenly fresh. You have an amazing view from here, over the sea and the town near, because this place is much higher than the houses down. The sky is heavenly blue, with large, fluffy clouds. You hear the sound of a waterfall near and you just know Harry is walking that way.
“Oh dear…” You whisper and your heart starts to beat faster when you discover the cliff.
“You said you’d do it”, Harry smirks.
“I know…” You say, almost soundless and it feels like someone put heavy rocks in your shoes while you walk into Harry.
“Alright, who’s going first?” Harry says and he turns around, looking beautiful in the warm and sparkling sunlight. You don’t even take the time to shake your head or answer him, because you don’t want to move.
“Bra-ve-ry…” Harry’s melodious voice sounds and he stands right next to you, while his warm breath tickles your skin. “You…promised.” His lips slowly kiss your jaw and a shiver appears on your back. Your heart keeps pounding louder when Harry almost reaches your lips… Suddenly he turns around and the intimate moment is all gone.
“We can also go together at the same time?” Harry says happily and he already starts to put out his shirt. His naked chest is now visible and you can’t do anything but stare at his perfectly-shaped torso. Harry puts off his shoes and lays them down next to him on the rocks. “Well?” He says and he raises one eyebrow. He’s only dressed in his shorts right now and the look on his face is questionable. You blink and shake your head, realizing you’ve been standing here for a while without moving.
“I am going with you”, you say determined. All the fear is suddenly gone and you put off your jacket and shoes as well, so you’re currently wearing a bra and trousers. You also lay down your bag next to Harry’s clothes and take a deep breath.
“Let’s do it”, you say. Though you’re kind of sure, your voice trembles and a little person back in your head tells you not to do it.
“Alright that’s how I like it!” Harry shouts excited. He grabs your hand and you step forward, to the edge of the cliff. The deep blue water beneath sparkles in the sunlight and lays there, happily awaiting your jump. You don’t even want to know how high it is from here to down there.
“I’m counting…” Harry says and he looks at you, his eyes focused on your lips as he speaks. “On one, we jump, okay?” You nod almost invisibly and swallow as Harry starts to count.
“Three…” Your heart starts to beat faster and you look into the water, biting your lip.
“Two…” You close your eyes and your grip on Harry’s hand tightens.
“ONE, NOW!” Harry shouts and you both jump at the same time.
For a short while, the only thing you can feel is Harry’s hand holding yours and you feel totally weightless. Just as your heart skips a beat, you hear Harry’s laugh and you open your eyes. You can just see yourself and Harry falling down into the water. For a moment, all you see is the blue water around you and Harry’s angelic face in front of you. The sound is completely blocked under water. Harry isn’t holding your hand anymore and with his right forefinger he points up. You get what he means and you start to swim.
“That was amazing!” Harry speaks, when you take a deep breath of fresh air. His wet hair adorns his face and he grins at you, swimming closer. “I am glad I was able to spend that moment with you”, he whispers and his wet lips meet yours. With that passionate kiss, you realize you’re really, really fortunate. You kiss him back, gently and Harry’s hands lay on your shoulder and the back of your head. When he stops kissing you, he gets back and looks at you like you’re the most beautiful thing he has ever seen.
“Baby…” He says and he raises one hand to stroke your cheek. “I’d say… I would jump off a cliff for you… But we already did… Together.” You start to chuckle and Harry joins you laughing, while you swim to the sand place beneath the cliff.
“I mean it though”, Harry says and he lays down on the sand. You lie down next to him and he puts his arms around you. He kisses your neck and whispers: “I never ever want to lose you, [Your Name]. You’re my everything.”