Monday, 6 August 2012

Niall Horan

"[Your Name]?" A soft voice sounds from near you, a little bit behind. You don't turn your head around when you hear your name, but just stare outside, in the distance. The rain's ticking against the moist windows and a shiver goes down your spine when you notice it's actually really cold in the room. You remain sitting and watch a raindrop gliding down the glass in front of you.
"Babe? I would-..." You hear again, but louder.
"WHAT!" You scream, angrier than it is actually meant and you immediately turn around, to discover a dark shadow in the door opening. “Why don’t you just leave me a-…” You start angrily, but when you see the person’s face your voice gets stuck in your throat. Your voice breaks as you try to speak further, but a haze before your eyes makes you feel hopeless. Without a caution you burst out into tears and you almost don’t notice someone’s approaching from the door.
“Please, don’t cry anymore”, the soft voice is speaking to you and you feel a hand on your shoulder. You don’t even try to shake it off.
“Niall, I-… I am so sorry”, you say with a trembling voice, but Niall takes you in his arms so you keep your mouth shut. His strong arms fold around your back and you cry softly with your head resting on his chest.
“It’s totally okay, I’m here now”, Niall whispers softly and he strokes your hair, kissing your forehead with his soft and warm lips. As Niall hugs you tightly and whispers nice words to you, you finally calm down, listening to the raindrops falling down on the roof above you. You feel Niall’s heartbeat through his sweater against your ear and you close your eyes.
“You will be alright, trust me. It’s alright”, Niall says and you look up, at his beautiful smile.
“Thank you, Nialler”, you stutter and you sit back up. Niall wipes some hair out of your face and dries your tears with the sleeve of his sweater. His blue eyes are focused on you and he takes your hands.
“Seeing you cry makes me feel so sad”, he says and one of his fingers holds still at your cheek. “But still…” His eyes twinkle and he chuckles softly. “You look beautiful.”
You don’t know how to reply so you just close your eyes and shake your head.
“I mean it”, Niall says and he keeps staring at you. Eventually, he moves closer and his lips meet yours. It’s like a butterfly sits down on your lips and flies away again, because that moment is over in only a few seconds.
“I love you, [Your Name]. Don’t you ever forget that”, says Niall and he puts his arms around you to keep you safe forever.