Friday, 3 August 2012

Harry Styles

“What?!” With the necessary effort, you try to lift your hands up in the air.
“How many are there? How many, did you say?” With your arms you try to push the people around you a bit aside so you’re able to pass.
“I said, a hundred.” While pushing girls out of your way, you grab your friend’s hand tightly, as she watches you with a frown on her face.
“Only one hundred... That’s like, a chance to find a gold bar in the middle of a restaurant with dancing monkeys.” You sigh and blow a lock of hair out of your face, though your friend, just sighs, caused by your weird random joke. Or…it was an example, actually.
“We need to run, babe”, you suddenly decide. “Or we will arrive too late.”

“I need it!”
“Why don’t they just hurry up?”
“Oh, this is so frustrating, I’m going to cry!”
“Oh my god.”
Ten thousands of girls are standing all around you. The street looks almost black caused by the amount of Directioners and shouts and a lot of noise sound all over the place.
“[Your Name]?” You can barely hear her, but fortunately your friend is wearing a neon pink cap today with black letters on it, so it’s easier to find her in the crowd.
Every single girl who’s currently standing in the queue on the street is extremely nervous. The doors of the mall in front of you can open every second.
“I need those wristbands!” You exclaim and you nervously bite your lip. Just when you’re about to tell your friend something more, girls suddenly start to scream and you just know the doors are opening.
“Please”, you whisper to yourself as everyone starts to push. You’re quite sure you’re not going to get in time without pushing at all.
Only one hundred wristbands and about six or maybe even eight times that amount of people in the centre of London, all Directioners. You feel your heart starts to beat louder and louder and your friend pinches your hand as you hold hers tightly. It’s quite obvious to admit you’ve never ever felt so extremely claustrophobic in your entire life. Also, at the end of the day you’ll most probably be deaf on a high level. Teenage girls sure produce a very loud screaming, no doubt. Evidence can be found over here!
It didn’t go that quick over there at the doors and you widen your eyes with every step you take closer. It’s not possible to communicate normally with your friend now anymore: you just do it by pinching and looking each other in the eyes briefly. And you try to drag her further into the crowd.
“We’re going to be too late”, you mumble all over again, but the door is coming closer. By pushing a few girls out of your way, you’re exactly creating a temporary path for two people.
“The doors!” Your friend shouts as loud as she can. One more step and you’re inside the building!
The large table with the people who are giving the wristbands away is visible now.
Oh my god. That’s not…
“There’s almost nothing left, be quick!” You shout and your friend drags you with her again.
Finally, you reach the table, but over there, something horrible is taking place.
“Alright girls, I am extremely sorry, but this is the last one”, a man with a quiff says and he looks at you both. The security stops the other girls behind you. Oh no.
This is absolutely horrible. Unimaginable.
“So, ladies?” The man says. You and your friend glance at each other and she speaks:
“Sir, is there any way we can go there together, please?” She begs and the man frowns.
“Hang on.” He disappears and you remain anxiously.
“If only one person is allowed to go inside, you go”, your friend whispers in your ear.
“Are you crazy! We’re both going or I am not going either”, you tell her, but the man’s already coming back.
“Listen up”, he says, “I can get one more wristband, but I need to request you to come with me now.” He gestures you need to follow him.
“Thank you so much, mister!” You shout happily and you climb over the table to follow the man through the corridors of the building.
“Just remember we only do this once”, the man says and you both nod heavily. He closes the door and you arrive at a long hallway with a purple carpet in it. Your friend grabs your hand when your shoes touch the soft carpet. You’re feeling nervous already, it’s ridiculous! You glance at your friend, but you both look up as you suddenly hear the man’s voice speaking again:
“What are you doing here?” You frown, because you don’t have a clue what the man is talking about.
“Excuse m-…” You start, but you remain silent and gasp as you have a look who’s currently standing in front of you.
“I don’t know, maybe I just went to the toilet or something?” A warm, slow and deep voice speaks sarcastically.
Your friend shrieks and your jaw drops, when one of the boys you admire so much steps in front of you. His green eyes sparkle and dimples appear on his cheeks as he smiles back at you.
“Hello, ladies”, he slowly says. You try to keep it in, but your friend is almost fainting right next to you. You swallow once because it kind of feels like something is stuck in your throat.
“Hi Harry”, you manage to say. Harry smiles at you and asks:
“What kind of things have you done, that you’re suddenly here?” He gestures at the rest of the corridor and the man who brought you here. You shrug your shoulders.
“Nothing much, really. There was only one wristband left. But we both didn’t want to go without each other. At least, I-…”
“Girls?” The unknown man starts, with a strict overtone in his voice, but Harry waves at him with his right hand, not paying attention at his strict speaking.
“Leave it, Brendon, it’s alright.” Then he completely ignores the –before- unknown man, whose name apparently is Brendon, and turns to you and your friend. On the outside you are calm, but on the inside, your heart is on fire and your mind is a mess.
“Are you okay?” Harry asks your friend, who covered her eyes with her hands because she is currently crying. Harry lays one hand on her shoulder and she smiles again.
“It’s okay… It’s just…” Your friend stops talking and you take it over:
“We didn’t expect to meet you here, really”, you speak softly and Harry’s eyes watch you with a friendly twinkle.
“I can imagine”, he says. “So tell me babe, what’s your name?”
“I am [Your Name]”, you say with a shy smile and your cheeks turn soft red. Your friend pronounces her name now as well, but it’s a bit difficult to her.
“Anyway,” Harry says, “would it be a nice idea to lead you a bit through the building? You won’t even need the wristbands and if you want I can ask the lads to come over here so we can sign anything you wanted to get signed?” That long sentence made you speechless and a little bit confused as well. Why on earth did he ask that?
“I’m okay with that”, you say, before you even realize.
“Great!” Harry says with a smirk and he grabs your hand. It immediately feels like that spot is on fire, while Harry’s soft hand touches yours and his fingers fold over yours.
“Hey!” The Brendon-person shouts.
“Quick girls, run!” Harry says with a chuckle and you start to run over the purple carpet with the three of you, the man still shouting several things at you.
Aw, poor Brendon. At least he was your Golden Ticket to meet Harry and the lads, not a wristband. Anyway, you’d thank him later…

Possibly to be continued as well!!

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