Friday, 3 August 2012

Louis Tomlinson

“You need to tell her, love! Trust me.”
A pair of deep brown eyes stares at you as you open your mouth to say something.
“I-…” You start, but two fingers on your lips immediately tell you to shut up.
“No, no, no excuses.” The brown eyes with long, black lashes that belong to your friend Ayse, close and her brown hair moves along her face when she shakes her head. She grabs her purse and when you want to say something again, she reaches out her hand.
“Don’t you dare to say a word”, she commands, when she takes her cell phone out of her purse. Ayse reaches out the mobile phone and you just stare at her. She frowns when you don’t respond.
“What are you waiting for? Call her, just now!” A little bit hesitatingly, you take her phone and watch the pink buttons for a few seconds. Ayse groans irritated.
“Bloody hell, [Your Name]! Just call her! You know the number, don’t tell me lies.” With trembling hands you type your mum’s phone number, while your friend is watching you impatiently. In the hurry you’re currently in, you accidentally hit the wrong buttons and you have to start all over again.
“What do I have to say to her? I mean… How do I-… What do I tell her?” You desperately stutter and Ayse shakes her head again.
“Just tell her what happened and you will be alright, I’m quite sure.” You hold your breath and hear the dial tone of the phone.
“It’ll be alright”, you whisper nervously and your hand starts to shake uncontrollably so you need to push the phone closely to your ear, otherwise it will just fall down.
Your heart starts to beat louder and faster when you hear someone picking up the phone.
“Hello”, a man’s voice sounds and you bite your lip. Your friend is just standing there in front of you, her arms folded.
“Um, yes, hello. Is my mum there, probably?” You stutter. With your right foot you tap on the ground, acting really twitchy.
“Your mum? Excuse me, but who is this?” You hear the voice speaking again and you frown your eyebrows.
“Well, um…” You say confused, when a chuckle suddenly sounds and your heart skips a beat.
“Oh my…” You whisper and the mobile phone almost slips through your hand.
“What’s wrong?” The now really familiar voice speaks.
“I-… I actually thought I rang my mum to tell her something important, but…”
“I guess you rang the wrong number!” Unbelievable. You sigh deeply.
“So, what’s your name and what’s the important message? You sounded quite nervous, am I right?” You incredulously shake your head, your jaw drops.
“I am [Your Name]”, you say. “May I ask you, with whom do I have the pleasure of having a conversation?” You hold your breath and tensely await an answer. The voice speaks the redeeming word:
“Louis Tomlinson”, he says indifferently and you gasp. Ayse realizes something odd is going on at the moment and she curiously grabs your hand.
“Hello? Are you still there, [Your Name]?” Louis asks. Oh my god. He just spoke out your name. That voi-… Ah well, say something back, you idiot!
“Yeah, yeah, I’m still here”, you say hastily. “This is just some kind of weird way to get your number”, you joke and Louis laughs. The nerves disappear by hearing his laugh and you smile, as Louis responds:
“Maybe I could have given it to you personally if I would meet you”, he says. “But I don’t even know where you are at the moment!” He chuckles and you quickly tell hem you’re in London at the moment. You just can’t believe you’re actually currently speaking to Louis Tomlinson on the phone, by ringing the wrong number. It’s definitely not a fake call: no one could be prepared to this and just take the phone by saying ‘Hi, Louis Tomlinson here’. Instead of telling some serious news to your mum, Louis is flirting with you.
Ayse tries to grab her phone, but you turn around from her, when Louis asks you:
“Well, what was so important for your mum to know?” A shiver goes down your spine.
“Do you really want to know?”
“Well, yeah, why not? I’m currently waiting for a meal at a restaurant, so there isn’t pretty much to do for me.”
“Wait, are you there with the lads?” You ask. Your mouth is wide open and Ayse kind of jumps on top of you to know what’s currently happening.
“Yup, I am”, Louis says. “But it’s not really interesting at the moment, each of them is stuck on the Internet on his phone. So… I’m quite glad I got this random call.”
Why doesn’t he hang up already? Does he like to talk to you? Of course he is bored.
“Mm, well, maybe that story should make you feel less bored, so I will tell you”, you say and you shrug, although Louis can’t see that.
“Yes please”, Louis says. He sounds honestly interested.
“So, basically…” You start and a sigh escapes from your mouth. “Oh this is a horrible thing to tell anyone.” You bite your lip and Louis doesn’t reply.
“I spotted my mum’s boyfriend…with another woman… Kissing”, you whisper and you nearly burst out into tears. You keep yourself from crying by swallowing just once.
“That’s horrible, love. I feel so bad for you. And your mum”, Louis softly speaks. “If only I could help you.” Those last words make tears appear in your eyes and you start to cry.
“Don’t cry babe, it’s not your fault!” Louis sweet voice sounds over the noise of your sobs.
“I know”, you say and your voice breaks. “It’s just… I just saw this coming, I don’t know. I feel so bad.” Tears stream down your face and Ayse grabs your hands. Her eyes watch you concerned.
“Are you alright, babe?” Louis suddenly whispers through the phone.
“I…don’t know”, you softly say.
“Wait”, Louis suddenly stars, “where about in London are you at the moment?” Your hands get sweaty and you tell him your friend’s address with a stuttering voice.
“Alright”, Louis says and a soft noise from a chair scratching over the ground sounds. “I am on my way.”
“What!” You scream, but all you can still hear, is a shrieking sound, coming from the phone, which is just hung up…

Possibly to be continued... ;)) .x

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  1. CONTINUE CONTINUE CONTINUE!!! I looooooove all of your stories! They're so good and you're such a good writer!