Monday, 18 June 2012

Liam Payne

“See you later, babe.”
“Good luck, Liam, I wish you the best! And don’t forget to have lots of fun on that stage, do you hear me?”
“I do, beautiful!” With an enormous grin and sparkling eyes, Liam winks at you, as a man from the crew helps him with his microphone and a woman arranges the collar of his checked blouse.
“Showtime!” A man’s voice sounds and the boys get ready to walk down the long corridor. Just before Liam disappears from sight, he smiles at you, while his lips mime the three words ‘I love you’.

Time to search for your seat now… You have a quick look at your concert ticket and check the number. This kind of tickets are only meant for family members or friends of the boys, they all have a little pink edge to make them look different from the others.
A loud noise fans around you make sounds through the whole concert hall. You notice a little group of girls, whispering as you sit down in your seat:
“Look at that hair, I swear it’s her!” A girl hisses at her friends.
“Are you sure? But the colour of her eyes isn’t right, is it, Anna?” Another girl asks out loud.
“Sssh!” Her friends say and they also sit down. With a frown you stare at your hair, not entirely sure whether they were talking about you or not.
“[Your Name]!” A shout sounds and the noise of other girls tells the person who just shouted your name to shut up. You quickly turn around and notice about ten pairs of surprised eyes, watching you as if they just got caught.
“Yes?” You say with a calm voice. One of the girls starts to fiddle with her hair and another one looks like she’s going to bury herself in her seat, she’s actually that nervous.
“Are you [Your Name]?” A sweet-looking girl with ginger hair and freckles asks you. You kind of hesitate, but nod at the girls, so their mouths are currently wide open.
“Yes, I am”, you say, feeling a little bit uncomfortable by all those staring eyes.
“So, you’re really Liam’s girlfriend?” A girl says with an exciting look on her face. You secretly sigh and nod again.
“Yup, I am.” The girls shriek softly. It has happened before that you got recognized somewhere in London, but most of the time the girls just ask for a picture and leave right after that. Of course that’s not possible just now.
“That’s so sweet!” A girl with beautiful brown hair claims. “So, how’s Liam? Is he a good kisser?”
“Oh my god, Tessa, you just don’t ask her whether Liam’s a good kisser or not!” Her friend shouts. The girl with the brown hair turns red and fortunately fans around you start to scream again, so the girls are distracted at the moment. You shiver when you feel someone’s tapping your shoulder, expecting it should be one of the girls who just spoke to you. Luckily it’s someone else.
“Hey [Your Name], love! Good to see you again!” You smile when Liam’s mum appears and kisses you three times on the cheeks.
“How have you been, Mrs. Payne?” You ask her and she shakes her head.
“Ah, you’re such a sweetheart! Just say Karen, honey. I’ve been fine, thank you. What about you? I heard you…”
The last sentence disappears in a loud screaming again and right now Liam’s dad and sisters also join you. You greet them all with a big smile on your face, happy that the girls behind you are not bothering you anymore.
Everyone around you stands up: the show’s starting. You clap your hands along to the rhythm of the music. The first tunes of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ blast through the speakers and the fans are going crazy as the silhouettes of the boys appear on stage. You smile at Liam’s family and shriek along with the other screaming girls when Liam starts to sing. And wow, the stylists surpassed themselves again tonight! He looks absolutely gorgeous in his plaid blouse and chinos. Having lots of fun with his friends while dancing on stage, the atmosphere suddenly changes while the lights turn into a soft, blue version of the previous ones and the lads all walk over to the black couch, standing in the middle of the stage. The happy sphere changed into a sad, though romantic sphere. The guitar player starts to play softly and Liam walks further on stage, close at the edge. The girls’ screaming reaches a higher level when he starts to sing. It’s your favourite song from the album: ‘More Than This’.
Liam closes his eyes and frowns with his eyebrows, so he looks really sad. You totally love it when he acts like that while performing. It makes you love him even more.
“I’m broken… Do you hear me?” Liam sings and suddenly it feels like a sword hit you right in the heart: it’s so beautiful, no words. While singing, Liam walks over to the part of the stage, which is in front of you.
“I’m blinded… Cause you are everything I see.” He reaches out his hand at you, his brown eyes focused on you. A little bit confused you grab his hand and he takes you on stage. His soft hand pinches yours and he sings: “I’m dancing…alone. I’m praying, that your heart will just turn around.” Tears appear on your cheeks as they stream down from your eyes onto your face. He wipes away the tears with his hand and you can’t stop looking him in the eyes. Liam’s voice penetrates right into your mind and heart.
“And as I walk up to your door…” Liam kneels down in front of you, still holding your hand. “My head turns to face the floor…” He looks at the floor and your breath fails, you look quickly into the audience. Girls and even boys are waving along to the music: some of them are holding lighters or mobile phones.
“Cause I can’t look you in the eyes and say…” Liam kisses your hand and the other boys join him singing as well at the chorus. Liam smiles at you and you smile back, hearing the audience sing along, still holding hands with Liam. It’s amazing to see all his fans like this, from this point, on stage. You feel extremely lucky and proud, to have such a sweet boy as Liam.

The last sounds of ‘More Than This’ sound and Liam hugs you immediately, stepping forward to talk to the audience, who just exclaimed big ‘aww’ by that sweet hug.
“Thank you all”, Liam says to the audience. “I feel so happy to be here. My biggest dreams came true. And…” He looks at you and wants you to come over to him as well.
“…[Your Name]”, he says softly, the audience screams. He kisses your lips, in front of thousands of fans and cameras. He looks you in the eyes and moves the microphone to his mouth again.
“I could have never dreamt about having a girlfriend who’s more incredible than you.”


  1. Oh please keep writting more! i love your imagines! there is like no other place that has them this good!