Thursday, 14 June 2012

Zayn Malik

“Hurry up, girl!” You quickly turn around as you try to brush your hair. A pair of twinkling brown eyes smiles at you and you shake your head.
“Seriously! What makes you feel so impatient today, Zayn? You're whining. I mean, there’s no such thing as…” Zayn immediately groans:
“Don’t you dare to make that joke again”, he says and he pokes your tummy. You squint and watch him defiantly, pulling out your lips:
“There’s no such thing as a discount on mirrors today”, you say cheekily with a wide smile on your face.
As an answer, Zayn walks towards you and lifts you up with one single and easy move. He’s holding you, just like your upper body lays over his shoulder and your face is behind him.
“Tell me again... What did you say?” Zayn whispers in your ear, holding you tight.
“Nothing”, you mumble with a chuckle.
“What did you say, babe? Don’t lie to me!” Zayn starts to walk around the room and carries you outside. You shriek when he starts to run faster.
“Okay, I give up, I admit it! There wasn’t a discount on mirrors, just a free dinner for two…” You say with a wide smile and Zayn puts you down again.
“Okay, pretty”, Zayn says and he looks you in the eyes, stroking a lock of hair out of your face. He grabs your hand and bites his lip, gesturing to the car.
“Shall we go now? Or aren’t you finished?” You wave your left hand in the air and say:
“Ah, I don’t mind, my hair’s okay like this.” You quickly touch a lock of your hair to make sure you really don’t look like an idiot at the moment.
“I can’t wait”, Zayn says hastily and he almost drags you into the back of the car. “Tonight will be perfect.”

“Where is it, Zayn?” You ask him with a grin, watching his face and eyes, which are full of concentration. Suddenly he points at a lovely building, hidden behind some trees. A stone pavement leads to the building between a fountain and little ponds with lots of lovely flowers. The car you’re still in, which is a taxi cause none of you is allowed to drive yet, stops when Zayn tells the driver you’re at the place you’re supposed to be.
“Thank you, mister Harisson”, Zayn says and he pays the taxi driver. Zayn steps outside at first and decently opens the door for you.
“Here we are”, he says and he grabs your hand to help you out. You both greet the driver and start to walk down the path, having a look at the wonderful garden, which is showing. In the background you hear the birds singing and whistling and Zayn smiles at you happily.
“I hope you’re hungry tonight”, he says with a wide grin, smiling at the ground, so his lovely long eyelashes are visible. You chuckle softly and wipe away some hair out of your face with your left hand.
“I am babe, don’t worry.”
Just as you reach the stairs in front of the building, you have a look at the sign of the restaurant. It looks really chic, but not too much. Zayn opens the door and you both enter the hall of the restaurant. Your jaw drops by seeing all those lovely chandeliers, large and comfortable-looking couches and… mirrors. You poke Zayn’s tummy and point at the great wall, filled with mirrors, in front of you. Zayn frowns and suddenly bursts out laughing, his eyes sparkle.
“Looks like someone just arrived in heaven”, you mumble and you laugh along with him.
Meanwhile you arrived at the actual entrance, where a nice man welcomes you.
“Have you booked, sir?” He asks friendly. Zayn nods and shows him a card. The man tells you to move on and Zayn pinches your hand, looking at you proudly.
“Would you like to sit at the balcony or here inside?” The man asks you and you decide to take a table at the balcony.
“Wow, such a wonderful sight”, you whisper at Zayn when you sit down at the balcony. The waiter appears and you both choose something to drink. The waiter takes your order and leaves again.
Zayn grabs your hands on the table. The soft lights of the candles light up his face and make him look gorgeously mysterious. You look down the balcony and discover the path you just walked down, twinkling lights looking beautiful in the soft moonlight.
Zayn starts to stroke your handpalm with his thumb and whispers:
“It looks beautiful, doesn’t it?” You sigh deeply:
“Yes, it does Zayn. I’m completely stunned by the view.”
“Me too. It’s so pretty. Just like you, [Your Name].” It’s such a good thing that it’s so dark here, because you’re currently blushing and smiling like an idiot.
“Thank you”, you answer shyly, not really sure what to say.
“It’s okay, love, I truly meant what I said, you don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to. I also love to be here with you when it’s completely silent.” Zayn smiles and leans over the table, as his soft lips meet yours and he kisses you gently in the beautiful romantic lights.

“That was actually the most delicious dinner I ever had! I’m not even kidding!” You shout excited. Zayn took you with him for a walk around the garden after dinner. He laughs by seeing your happy face.
“I actually thought the same. And that dessert, ah! Like a piece of heaven on a spoon!” You grab Zayn’s hand and suddenly scream:
“Let’s dance, Zayn, I’m happy!” Zayn looks at you confused, but eventually he ends up joining you jumping and skipping on the grass. You scream happily and ignore the silly people looking at you both, acting like mad men or clowns.
Accidentally you stumble and take Zayn with you while you fall. He lands on top of you, but it does not hurt at all. Your heart skips a beat.
Zayn’s face is only a few centimetres away from yours and his brown eyes stray to your lips, as you feel his warm, sweet smelling breath tickling your skin. As his chest presses against yours and certain blades of grass prick your back, Zayn takes your face in his hands and starts to move closer, when his lips finally press against yours. You slowly open your mouth, as Zayn bites your upper lip teasingly, his hands stroke your hair, totally surrendering to your kiss.
Suddenly he stops. The moonlight shines behind him and with your hand you touch his jaw line. Zayn smiles at you and moves his lips closer to your ear, when he kisses your neck.
“I love you.”

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  1. I love this picture please write more thank you so much