Friday, 1 June 2012

Niall Horan

“Got to go! My plane is leaving in a few minutes!” You make a little kissing-sound to the phone and hang up. With a sigh you store your phone away in your bag and have a look at the immense bright and colourful airplane in front of you. It already feels like an adventure. This is the first time ever you’re going to travel by plane on your own. To Australia. On your own. You just spoke to your mum on the phone: she was overanxious again, as usual. Happens more often, actually. A bit plunged in thought you notice a black man, dressed up in a uniform.
“Young lady, the doors are closing in a few minutes”, you hear the man’s voice speaking to you. You friendly nod at him and walk over to the stairs of the airplane with your bag in your right hand and your jacket hanging over your left arm. A nervous feeling appears as you place your foot on the first step of the stairs. Secretly you’re quite scared to travel on your own. Your hands start to tremble but you move on and reach the top of the stairs.
As large as the airplane may have seemed to look like from outside: at the inside it looks a bit crammed. The seats are really close to each other and the space, which is meant to be the aisle, is very narrow. Everyone’s already sitting, so you feel quite awkward while walking down the aisle to search for your seat. Row 21, row 22, row…23. It’s not pretty difficult to find yours, since there’s only one place left to sit down. You store your jacket in the area above you and have a look at your flying buddy for today.
Suddenly your breathing fails and you freeze completely, staring at the person who’s currently sleeping in seat 23A, next to your seat, which is 23B. You check the numbers again and have a close look at the person, who is peacefully asleep.
With a squeak you accidentally drop your bag on the floor and you don’t even take the time to pick it up: that’s how overwhelmed you are at the moment.
Of course that noise woke up the person in seat 23A (and people around pulled annoyed faces at you). The boy in the seat stretches his body and two beautiful blue eyes are suddenly visible. At first they look a bit confused, but right now something changes and they watch you curiously.
“Hello”, the boy says with a little, cute smile.
Oh god.
His Irish accent.
His messy, blonde hair.
His sleepy, gorgeous face.
His wonderful blue, sparkling eyes.
Your heart is beating so incredibly loud that you got the impression even Niall is able to hear it. You take a deep breath and close your eyes for a second.
“H-hello”, you stutter shyly and you awkwardly sit down in the seat next to him. Niall arranges the cushions on the soft plane seat and entirely sits up.
For a moment you both don’t know anything to say, when you glance at Niall you notice he was doing the same and red blotches appear on his cheeks as he blushes. Suddenly he realizes that was a bit impolite and he reaches out his hand.
“I’m Niall”, he says with a twitchy smile.
“I know”, you mumble. You shake hands with an embarrassed feeling in your tummy. Hello brain? Why is my mouth wide open? A voice in your head speaks. You blink and close your mouth immediately.
“I’m [Your Name]”, you say and you try to smile.
“Nice to meet you”, Niall says and a shiver goes over your back when your hands touch. You don’t want to let go of his hand.
“Nice to meet you too!” You manage to say, when Niall unfortunately lets you go and you stoop to grab your bag from the floor, secretly to occur another awkward silence.
“How have you been?” You ask Niall, not looking him in the eyes and playing it safe.
“Well”, Niall speaks insecurely and you get up again. His eyes widen as you pull out a packet of Oreos, which you just grabbed from your bag. You smile when you see the look on his face.
“Excuse me”, you say apologetically, “I haven’t eaten anything since breakfast and I’m starving!”
“It’s okay”, Niall says and he grins, shaking his head and closing his eyes.
“Do you want some too?” You dare to ask.
“I thought you’d never ask! Of course!” Niall almost shouts and you begin to laugh as you hand him some Oreos.
“Hey, don’t grab the whole pack, I said I was hungry!” You giggle when the Oreos almost fall on the ground.
“Sorry, that was rude”, Niall says with a cheeky smile. The pressure suddenly disappeared and you actually feel a click with Niall already.
Well done, brain, well done. Really nice action, to pull out some food in front of mister gobble himself: Niall Horan.
“It’s okay”, you say with a smile and you put one Oreo in your mouth, quickly chewing because you don’t like the silence to come along again and speaking with a mouthful is not really feminine.
“What are you going to do in Australia?” You eventually say. In contrast to you, Niall does talk with his mouth filled with Oreos. But it looks really cute on him.
“Actually, I’ve been away for three days”, Niall manages to mumble in a way that it’s still understandable. He swallows and continues talking, a bit less loud than before. “I’ve suffered from a loss in our family and went back home.”
“That’s horrible to hear, Niall, I feel really sorry for you. Stay strong.” You look at him compassionately, but Niall shakes his head and lifts his head and looks you in the eyes.
“That’s really sweet, thank you”, he says with a weak smile. “Anyway, knowing you knew me before…” You turn red and Niall continues with a grin. “The lads are still in Australia, so I’m just going back now. And-…”
Right now the stewardess walks down the aisle to demonstrate the necessary safety things you need to know, so you both have to be quiet.
“Have a nice flight”, the stewardess ends and you smile at Niall, as you buckle up.
Both of you know this should be more than just a nice, long flight.

“Maybe…we should hang out sometime? You know, to share our love for food and stuff”, Niall jokes and you both laugh as he watches you cutely, with twinkles in his eyes.
“I think that’s a very good idea”, you whisper shyly and Niall smiles.
“Can I have your number, pretty?” Niall asks. With that expectantly look in his eyes he almost looks like a little kitten begging for food.
“Of course you can!” You both exchange numbers and on a whim Niall grabs your hand.
“Make sure you bring Oreos with you next time we meet?” He says and you burst out laughing.
“I’ll make sure I bring ten packages of Oreos with me, Niall”, you say and you shake your head.
“That’s all right with me!” You both watch each other and it remains silent again, but not an awkward silence like earlier happened on the plane.
“So… I’ll talk to you later?” You almost whisper at him. Without a caution Niall comes closer and grabs your waist, as his soft lips meet yours and he kisses you sweetly. He lets go of you again and smiles shyly, his bright blue eyes full of happiness.
“See you later, [Your Name]”, Niall says and he turns around to walk away, with a big smile on his face, still watching you while walking along the hall, as he slowly disappears from sight.
That moment you realize Niall likes you even more than food.


  1. oh my god, i love it so much its so sweet :3 please make it true :D ♥ x

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    ~Grace O. Morris~

  3. I am a stalker my friend kaley calls me all of the time because met hm in chigcago he said he loved me he said"I love you such" I said "thank u o love you to Niall"