Sunday, 29 April 2012

Louis Tomlinson

“Oh my god, why did you do that!” You shout, slowly wiping the water drops off your face.
“I thought… Well, it’s kind of hot in here and… You know you look like a panda right now, don’t you?” You turn around and look right into the grinning face of one of your friends, Safa, who’s holding a water bottle, which is empty right now. Her dark eyes twinkle mischievously.
“Seriously?” With a groan you try to sweep even more water off your cheeks. It makes your friends burst out laughing, Safa the loudest of all. She almost falls over and stumbles over her own feet because she’s laughing that loud.
“Your make-up, hun!” That voice comes from your other friend. “Wait, let me help you.” Hannah’s blue eyes are focused on you as she moves closer, so you’re able to see the cute freckles on her skin. She rubs her fingers under your eyes softly to remove the mascara and other make-up, which is still left on places it doesn’t belong.
“Better now?” You ask Hannah and she shows you her fingers, which are tinted a little bit black caused by your mascara. Right now she nods approvingly.
“Yep. It’s okay now.”
“You looked like a panda, though”, Safa teases you, with an evil and sarcastic smile.
“Hmpf”, you mumble and ignore her. “Thank you, Han.”
Suddenly Safa changes the subject, by pointing in the distance.
“Over there, babes, look!” She cheers.
“Oh, amazing, finally!” You forget the whole panda-thing and run over to the pier. Your jaw immediately drops as you watch the boat lying in the water in front of you. You slowly turn your head around, incredulously.
“Are you sure that’s your boat, Safa? That thing’s enormous!” You say to her. Safa smiles at you and spurns her flip-flops onto the pier.
“What kind of friend would I be if I lied to you about that boat?” She says and she raises one eyebrow, while throwing her stuff into the boat.
“Come on girls! I’ll show you around.”
“Um, Saf”, Hannah claims, “you kind of forgot about Amanda.” Safa’s mouth forms a big ‘o’ and you shake your head.
“Please, wait for me!” You hear all of a sudden. Your heads all turn around to the direction the shout came from. In the distance you see Amanda’s brown hair bouncing up and down as she runs over to you on her girly red sandals.
“I-… I am…” She pants when she reaches the boat.
“It’s okay, you’re here now!” You say to her and you hug her tightly. “Safa was just about to show us her boat.” Amanda smiles, still a bit out of breath.
“All right! Let this trip begin!”

“No! That did not just happen! No way!” Safa is shouting and running around the boat like crazy.
“What?” You ask and you look up from your magazine, pushing your sunglasses a bit down. You and the girls have been floating on the lake with the boat for a few hours already, the weather’s extremely nice and you’re sure you’ll get tanned today.
“The engine stopped working!” Safa whines. Amanda stands up to join the conversation now as well.
“I’m sure nothing’s wrong”, she says and she helps Safa by looking at the engine.
“Oh I’m sure there IS something wrong!” Safa shouts. You have a look next to you and see Hannah fell asleep in the bright sun, with her sunglasses still on. You stretch yourself and stand up also. You don’t really feel like hearing all this whining.
“I’m going to have a little swim, if you don’t mind”, you say quickly and you walk across the boat to the stern, where a little ladder is located so you can go into the water.
You place your bare feet on the steps of the ladder carefully and touch the surface of the water with your big toe. That will provide some coolness for sure.
You decide to go into the water slowly, by climbing down the ladder and have a little swim yourself. The water around you feels deliciously cold and you float on your back while closing your eyes to the sunbeam.
“Hey beautiful!” You immediately open your eyes and turn around, treading water. That voice sounds really familiar. Really, really familiar.
“Louis, is that you?” You shout. And yes, you were right: it is Louis. A happy feeling immediately spreads in your tummy.
“Such a coincidence”, Louis says. He also went swimming. You look behind him and discover his own boat like two hundred meters away from here.
“I missed you, Lou”, you say emotionally and he hugs you through the water, although that’s a little bit difficult without kicking each other by feet.
“I missed you too, babe”, he whispers and he kisses your lips softly, leaving a moist print on your face, his muscular chest touches your naked skin.
“Are you here all alone?” You ask. It has been such a long time since you had seen your boyfriend for the last time. And finally he has some spare time.
“I wasn’t at first”, Louis says and he goggles. “But Harry decided to leave me alone. I have no idea where he went, so I just swam over to your boat.”
“To discover I was here as well!” You shout happily and Louis blue eyes twinkle.
“Exactly…” He says and winks. Suddenly he swims away. “Hey, come and get me!” He shouts at you. His wet and messy hair lies around his head and he looks like a puppy would look after a quick bath.
“Is this a challenge, mister Tommo?” You say and you wink at him. You try to chase him through the water and when you almost reach him, he starts splashing water with his hands.
“Hey that’s not fair! I can’t see a thing!” You shout, protesting. Louis doesn’t stop and grins widely. You get water in your eyes and try to wipe it out.
“That reminds me of Safa”, you say, chuckling.
“Why?” Louis grins and keeps splashing water into your face, until you surrender and do the same to him.
“Well…” Splash! A mouthful of water. “Louis!” He keeps splashing. “LOUIS!” He starts to chuckle loudly and almost disappears under the water surface by laughing too loud.
“At least stop splashing water into my face when you want to hear what I have to say?” Louis keeps a straight face, but in his eyes you still discover the mischievous sparkles you know so well.
“Safa threw water in my face with a water bottle and I looked like a panda”, you say, shaking your head disapprovingly. Of course Louis thinks it is a really funny thing to hear.
Right now he grabs your hand under the water and you swim further together.
“Let’s go to my boat?” He asks you, while certain water drops fall down his eyelashes. His beautiful blue eyes match the colour of the lake perfectly.
“Of course”, you whisper softly, as you slowly swim to his boat, hand in hand.
Louis climbs up the ladder at first and grabs your wet hand to help you up as well. When you almost stumble over the third step, Louis grabs your shoulders immediately with his strong arms and lifts you up completely. You feel his naked warm and wet chest as he pulls you closer to him, his face isn’t that far away from you anymore. He smiles and squints his eyes, letting you go again.
“Come with me”, he whispers and he leads you onto the boat. It’s white surface sparkles in the sun and it all looks really expensive. You don’t dare to ask anything about it though. Louis sits down on a large red sofa, standing at the edge of the front of the boat. Apparently he doesn’t mind about the couch getting wet and stuff, because he also wants you to sit down. He wraps his arms around you as you lay down next to him and your head is resting on his chest. His hands lie on your tummy while he points at a large concert hall along the lake.
“That’s the place we’re going to perform tonight”, he says.
“Wow”, you say dreamily. “That’s really amazing!” Louis nods softly and says:
“I know right! It’s like a dream come true. Do you want to go with me to support me?” You chuckle and whisper:
“Of course, boo.” Louis sighs happily and it remains silent for a while. Suddenly Louis smiles out of nowhere. You’re in need of a passionate kiss right now and a bit impatient. Those beautiful eyes, oh, those wonderful blue eyes! You almost drown in them.
And they belong to Louis.
Your Louis.
“You know what, babe?” Louis says and he looks you in the eyes.
“Well, Louis?”
“Pandas are the cutest.”
By saying that he grins widely and kisses you deeply, under the hot summer sun.


  1. I. Love love love all you imagines!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey there Josca! I absolutely love your writing! ther so adorable and i think you make thm really easy to imagine! I started a blog too about fanfictions about some guys i really like :3 Mind chking it out? heres the link---
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