Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Niall Horan ~ Part 2

For a minute you stare at the little unfolded paper in your hand palm. This is actually the weirdest thing you’ve ever experienced. In your mind you write down the things that just happened:
1. At first, you saw One Direction live, with your best friend.
2. You’ve just met Niall, randomly, somewhere at the after party, which was actually meant to be for fans.
3. Niall Horan kissed you. He kissed you. HE kissed YOU.
And afterwards he left you, a little bit confused, with his mobile phone number!
You immediately grab your cell phone to add Niall’s number to the contact list, too scared to lose the little paper. Your fingers float doubtful above the buttons of your phone. Is it weird to send a message already? You decide that would be too pushy, so you just leave it and stuff your phone back in your pocket.
Just when you’re about to walk away, it starts to vibrate already. You nearly have a little heart attack.
You glance at the screen: it tells you that your friend is a little bit concerned at the moment.
‘Honey, where are you and where’s my drink? I am actually getting really thirsty right now :c X’
You chuckle and shake your head. That’s a typical way of acting for your friend.
Mm, let’s think about it for a while: it’ll probably be a good idea to keep silent about the meeting with Niall by text, and just…
You bite your lip and quickly text her back:
‘Sorry, I kind of got distracted. Could you come over to the exit? Love you .xx’
With a cheeky grin on your face you walk to the exit and sit down on a large purple sofa. You’re really sure your friend will be here in no time: she’s a pretty curious person. Oh yes, she will be utterly surprised.

“Where the hell were you? And with who? Was he handsome? You can’t tell me you haven’t met a boy, girl!” Your friend just keeps talking.
“Please, calm down!” You laugh at her, though your cheeks turn a little bit red. That didn’t really help calming your friend down though.
“Tell me! Right now!” Your friend grabs your shoulders and persuades you to go on.
“Ni-… Niall”, you manage to say, and your friend’s eyes widen a bit.
“Niall Horan?” She asks, and you nod. Suddenly your friend starts to laugh incredibly loud.
“Haha! That’s such a good joke, hun! You played it very well, though, I almost believed it.” She slaps your shoulder teasingly.
“It’s not a lie”, you mumble, almost soundless.
“What did you just say?” You shake your head and look your friend in the eyes pervasively:
“It’s not a lie, babe.”
“No”, she says incredulously. “You’re kidding, right?”
“It’s not a lie! I just bumped into him, and he was wearing a scarf. It fell off, that’s how I recognized him! He was searching for the exit, and I was able to tell him which way to go…” Your friend’s totally speechless.
“And…?” She asks, whispering.
“He…” You swallow. ‘He kissed me.”
You’re not even finished pronouncing that sentence, though your ears almost bleed by your friend’s screaming at the moment. She hugs you tightly and keeps shouting at you:
“Wow! Niall! And where is he right now? Is he going with us? How…”
“STOP”, you sigh with a smile. “I got his number.”
“You got his… Damn, you lucky girl! Where did he go?” She sighs dreamily.
“Louis took Niall with him… I don’t know where they went.” Little twinkles appear in your friend’s eyes and she squints one eye.
“Ask him to go with you.” For a second you’re confused.
“Ask him… Where? How?”
“You haven’t texted him yet? Silly you”, your friend hints. You just stand there, looking like a complete idiot, with your mouth wide open.
“Oh come one, hand me your phone now!” Your friend searches for Niall’s number and gives it back to you.
“Text him. Now.” You suddenly get extremely nervous. What should you put down in that text? Isn’t it just stupid to text him already?
“Do. It.”
Those last two words of your friend persuaded you. Good idea or bad idea: no way that you’re going to miss this!

“Where are we going?” You’ve been running along the streets for like, hours already. Sending that text wasn’t a bad idea, apparently. Niall immediately texted back and wanted to meet you again. Right now he’s dragging you with him through the streets, holding your hand. Though you don’t have any ideas where you’re going right now.
“I don’t know. A place without fans”, Niall says curtly. Mm, he has a point right there.
“For how long have we been fleeing already?” You shout, but Niall doesn’t say anything and just stops walking.
“I think this should be a nice place”, he whispers.
“God”, you sigh, and you sit down on a random bench next to a cute little fountain. Fans were chasing you both, after you left the arena where the boys performed.
“That was crazy”, Niall says and he just sits down next to you.
For a little while you keep staring at the magical fountain. There’s a statue on it with a beautiful woman, holding a cornucopia in her hands. ‘Lady Fortune’, the subscription says.
“Fortune, luck”, you say out loud.
“What?” Niall asks.
“Nothing”, you mumble a bit embarrassed. You actually didn’t even notice you said that to him out loud. You turn your head around and watch Niall’s face en profile: the shape of his forehead, nose, lips and chin look perfect in the soft moonlight and his eyes shine.
“Niall?” You whisper softly.
“Yes, babe?” Niall looks at you and you immediately get weak in the knees, caused by his blue eyes and the way he said ‘babe’ to you.
“Why me?” You ask, without mumbling or stuttering.
“What do you mean?” Niall says, as he looks back at the fountain.
“Just like I said: why me, and not one of those other millions of girls who all admire you?”
“Why?” He asks again and he looks at you. “I don’t know that yet. I can ask you exactly the same.” Absolutely true, yes. Why him?
“You’re right”, you say. “I think I can explain it to you though.” Niall didn’t see the hesitation in your eyes and he asks you to continue.
“Well… How do I start”, you say. Niall opens his mouth, but immediately closes it anyway.
“Oh this might sound so weird, but… Niall. I’ve seen very many boys in my life and I kissed some guys before, but that all felt so weird. It felt… fake. From the first moment I saw you I… I got that feeling… I’ve never had that before.” You shake your head because you can’t really explain what you mean at the moment.
“And then I bumped into you, and…”
“I kissed you…” Niall whispers. “Believe it or not, I felt the same.” He slowly takes your hand and starts drawing little circles on your hand palm with his fingertips.
“When I bumped into you I thought about the fact I didn’t want to get recognized at first, but then I saw your face and I just knew it was going to be all right.” Niall swallows and chuckles silently. “This sounds fake and cliché, doesn’t it?” Almost breathless you shake your head.
Niall stands up silently, to grab a little coin from the ground and throw it into the water of the fountain. You go and stand next to him.
“Now you’re able to make a wish”, you say. “It’s a fountain of luck.” Niall nods absently.
“I know…” He mumbles. You stare at the little waves of the water.
“And?” You break the little silence. “What did you just wish for?” Niall watches you mysteriously.
“Come on. Everybody knows you’re not supposed to speak about your wishes. They won’t come true, then.” Together you watch the little coin, which disappears from sight under the smooth surface.
“Nope”, you whisper and you take his hand. “That’s right.” Niall turns around, puts his arms around your hips and moves you closer, while his forehead rests on yours.
“You can always guess what I just wished for…” He smiles cutely. “Guess, guess.” With a soft chuckle he presses his warm lips onto yours softly.

The end.


  1. oh my gosh, this is so amazing ♥ please write more niall imagines :))

  2. Hi i love your blog, never stop writing your imagines. They're 1Derful! <3 :)

  3. That was fantastic(:I love every one of you imagines OMG you need to write one with Louis(: plzz?