Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Niall Horan ~ Part 1

“Holy mother of god”, you shout. “It’s bloody hot in here!”
“If you don’t think it’s hot in here, something’s going incredibly wrong in your mind. Look at those burning sexy lads on stage!” Your friend grabs your wrist and laughs at you loudly. “Come on babe, let’s party!” You turn your head around and watch the stage again. Your friend’s absolutely right: the five most beautiful lads on earth are just preparing their last song.
Some fans randomly start to scream as Liam steps forward to announce the last song they’ll be doing.
“You are an amazing crowd tonight, thanks to you all!” He says with an enormous smile on his face. “The last song we will be doing, unfortunately, is… One Thing!” That sentence nearly caused an earthquake by the screaming fans in the audience.
“The last song!” You barely hear your friend shouting hysterically: “Let’s go for it!”

“One of our dreams just came true, babyyy!” You and your friend are both dancing through the hallways of the concert hall. You just sigh:
“That was amazing. I wish I could’ve seen them again.” Your friend smiles and hugs you tightly. “I feel honored I was able to spend this moment with you”, she says.
“Aw, me too”, you whisper and you put your arms around her. “You’re my best friend.”
“You’re my best friend too”, she admits and suddenly shouts: “Now let’s go to that fudging after party!” You let her go and watch her tongue-tied.
“Wait. What do you mean? After-…” Your friend squeals and takes your hand, to drag you further trough the hallway, avoiding other people wisely.
“You really missed something, dear. There’s an after party at that area next door, for fans.”
“Are you freaking serious? Why didn’t you tell me before?” Your friend just shrugs her shoulders.
“I thought you did know about that. The boys might turn up over there?” She winks and you suddenly have goose bumps all over your body.
“Let’s go inside. Now.”

“Is it okay if I’m going to get a drink right now?” It has been two hours already, and you still haven’t drunk anything yet. You and your friend have just met a few girls who all seem pretty nice, so you don’t have to leave your friend on her own.
“Sure, if you’ll get me one too?” She laughs. A group of girls start to scream as ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ suddenly blares through the speakers.
“Of course. Be right back”, you say hastily, as you turn around and try to dodge dancing girls –and rarely- boys. Just when that song starts to play… Well, you’re really thirsty, so it’s worth it.
In a bit of a rush on your way to the bar, you don’t really pay any attention at the people in front of you, so you suddenly bump into someone.
“I’m sorry.” You apologize and you look up: the person you just ran into looks pretty weird. Which clown would wear a scarf around his head in a club-like place?
‘Mister Scarf-head’ hastily stands up again, and his sunglasses, which he’d put over his scarf, suddenly fall off his face. You immediately recognize those wonderful blue eyes.
“Are you-… “ You gasp. “Are you Niall Horan?” You shout excited. Niall panicky puts his sunglasses on again and grabs your hand to drag you to an abandoned corner in the room. That went pretty quick.
“Listen”, he says, as he puts his scarf a bit aside, so you notice his perfect-shaped lips. “I don’t want to get recognized by more people, okay?” Niall nervously bounces up and down on the top of his toes. “I just want to reach the exit.” He almost speaks imploringly right now.
You suddenly get a bit overwhelmed, because the combination of his voice and his accent just sounds incredibly beautiful. All of a sudden you feel the urge to kiss this unknown, but at the same time really well known, lad. You manage to keep those feelings inside.
“Don’t worry”, you say compassionately. “I’m willing to help you?” You raise one eyebrow, questioning.
“Oh thank you!” Niall sighs with relief. “I haven’t got a slightest idea where to go right now.” You chuckle a bit. You’ve actually wandered around here long enough to know the exact location of the exit.
“Come on”, you say, and you take Niall’s soft, warm hand. “This way.”
You walk along different lines of people; they all glance at Mister Scarf-head like he’s a complete idiot. You giggle softly and shake your head. If only they knew.

Eventually you arrive at the door, and you both stop walking. Though Niall whispers you really have to stand a bit out of sight, it’s pretty dangerous out here in the corridor. Around the pegs is an appropriate place to stay for a while, because there aren’t any bright lights over there.
With a deep sigh Niall removes his sunglasses and the scarf.
“Thank you a lot”, he whispers, which makes you blush. The sound of his voice and a little hidden tremble in it makes you shiver.
“It’s nothing, Niall”, you say.
It remains silent for a while. You’re standing very close to each other, caused by the tight space. You feel Niall’s warm breath on your skin, and smell his sweet body odor. You tilt your head a bit and watch Niall’s face closely in the dark. In his deep blue eyes you notice he’s doing the same to you.
A little bit confused you shake your head and you reach out your hand to him with a chuckle.
“Nice to meet you”, you say, a bit giggly and you tell him your name. Niall just laughs his adorable laugh with you and little twinkles appear in his eyes as he shakes your hand.
At the same moment you both stop laughing and look each other in the eyes, without saying a word. Finally it’s Niall who breaks the silence:
“You’re really pretty”, he plumps out, and even in the lights of the energy saving bulbs you’re able to see his cheeks became as red as tomatoes.
“So are you”, you whisper to him, and before you even notice, you feel Niall’s soft lips touching yours. Niall’s right hand lies around your hips and his other hand rests on your back, as he kisses you gently.
Niall suddenly lets you go and watches you timidly.
“Sorry, I couldn’t… I wanted…” You can see he feels a little bit embarrassed right now.
“It’s okay!” You whisper, and you kiss his cheek softly.
“Niall!” A very familiar voice sounds out of nothing. You both get scared and turn your heads around. Niall sighs deeply.
“We got to go, sexy”, Louis says, as he walks into Niall and winks at him. Niall looks at you apologizing.
“I got to go”, he says, his face is even redder than it was before, as if that’s even possible. He hastily grabs a pencil and a little paper from his pocket, scribbles a little text on it and hands it to you. Without saying anything he smiles, turns around and leaves, with Louis.
You remain on your own at the pegs, very, very surprised. Was it only just a dream?
You open your hand, and discover the proof right there on the palm. You slowly open the paper with trembling fingers: the scribble reveals a mobile phone number…

To be continued…

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