Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Harry Styles

“What exactly is weird about that?”
Harry is standing next to you, looking a bit like baby Tarzan caused by his wet hair. You look the same, actually. It has been raining for hours, though Harry wanted to go outside for some freaky unknown reasons.
“I don’t think it’s really normal to go outside in the pouring rain”, you say with a chuckle, and Harry shakes his head.
“It isn’t…” His eyes are twinkling while watching you and he smiles widely. You tilt your head a little, squinting a bit with your eyes. Is he planning anything?
Unannounced Harry walks over to you and takes both your hands, his hair dripping because of the rain. He slowly moves closer, so his lips almost touch your ear. A raindrop falls down his lower lip and ends up in your neck. You chuckle softly.
“That tickled!” Harry doesn’t say anything: it almost looks like he wants to tell you a little secret. And that’s probably the point: you notice Harry slowly opens his mouth. His cold breath mixed with the raindrops makes you shiver.
“I’m going to take you with me to my secret place”, he whispers. His voice sounds deep, soft and extremely sexy. You hold your breath for a second.
“Secret place?” Harry lets you go again and chuckles mysteriously.
“Yes. A secret place. I’ve never told anyone about it.”
“But… Where is it?” You ask him, almost breathless, still whispering, because you’re scared that other people might hear it. In fact you’re still standing in the centre of London, on the road in front of Harry’s apartment.
“You’ll see”, Harry says with a mischievous and teasing grin on his face. “It’s a little park, which I discovered once when I was just going out for a walk”, he explains. “It might sound really cliché, but it’s the only place where I can get a little rest… I bet you’re able to understand that.” You softly shake your head, because you don’t really get what he means.
“Wait, Haz. How are you even able to get ‘a little rest’ when the paparazzi are chasing you all the time? They can go to that secret place also, right?” Harry looks at you infatuated.
“Well… That’s it: they can’t. They just don’t go there!” He smiles blissfully. “There hasn’t been anyone in that little park for years! Also, it doesn’t get maintained no longer, yet it’s beautiful.” You get all excited and a bit jumpy right now.
“I am actually really curious right now, Harry!”
“That’s what I hoped for…” Harry says, as the mysterious look on his face reappears. “Take my hand, and I’ll show you my secret.”

“Are we there yet?” You ask impatiently.
“No”, he says triumphantly, and you sigh.
“Your secret place is pretty well hidden, isn’t it?” Harry doesn’t speak and just continues walking. Right now you arrive at a dark and narrow alley. It actually looks like this is the home of some tramps: everywhere you look you notice large dirty cardboard boxes and trashcans.
“Um, Harry, are you sure this is the right way to go?” An uncomfortable feeling shows up in your tummy while looking around.
“Yes, I’m totally sure. All those months I’ve been here I have never gone in the wrong direction.” Harry chuckles.
Fortunately, a piece of light emerges at the end of the alley. Slow but sure, the gray asphalt overflows into soft and sandy subsoil.
“Huh?” You mumble. You look around and notice the typical houses of London totally disappeared. Large trees are located over here instead: they kind of shield the busy traffic and the sounds of the centre.
“Is this the little secret park?” You ask Harry. Though he grins again.
“Nope!” He smiles. You don’t get him anymore, for real. Where does he want to go anyway?
“I know what you’re thinking.” The look on Harry’s face is totally inscrutable, you can’t guess what he’s thinking at all. But before you can ask him about it, he already turns around. Your lips form a large ‘O’ when you arrive at the corner of the little round with trees:
Over there, hidden behind large vines and shrubs, you can nearly see a hedge. But only when you take a very close look, otherwise you could have never noticed it really. Harry walks further and pushes some vines a bit aside.
“Welcome to my place, my princess”, Harry says cutely.
Just now you notice that there’s a gate behind these neglected plants. It’s a great gate of oaken wood, with those old-fashioned rings on it to open it. Harry takes one of the rings and pushes against the door. With a crackling sound, the gate opens.
“How on earth is this place so well hidden?” You say agitated. Harry shrugs his shoulders.
“I don’t know, to be honest!” Right now you try to walk any further, though the ground is so muddy and dirty, that you get stuck. You blow a little lock of hair out of your eyes and start wiggling your foot, which got stuck in the mud.
“Stop! I don’t want you to fall over!” Harry shouts and you moan irritated. Harry tries to get you out of the mud pit, but he sinks into the muck himself right now.
“Okay, this is actually pretty funny”, Harry laughs and you sarcastically raise one eyebrow at him.
Suddenly your foot gets out of the mud and you both fall over at the same time, through the gate, into the park.
“Are you all right?” Harry says, but you can’t even hear him.
There are flowers, all around you. Flowers, flowers, flowers and even more flowers, in the most wonderful colours you’ve ever seen. You also notice it stopped raining: the sunlight gets through the clouds, so it creates a fairytale-like light on the park.
A butterfly settles down next to you on a rose bush. You hear Harry closes the gate behind you and stands next to you.
“Wonderful isn’t it?” He sighs.
“Well…” You sniff and notice the sweet smell of the roses around you, which tickles your nostrils. The park, you’re also able to call it a little garden, isn’t that big, probably ten by ten meters. In the centre of the garden stands a fountain with a fish on it. Of course there’s no water in it anymore, except from the water the rain just caused.
Harry takes your hand and helps you stand up again. Before you can even protest, he pulls you closer to his chest. Harry slowly touches your collarbone with his hand, which brings you the shivers. You bite your lip as he lays down his hand in your neck and starts kissing your skin over there. Such little moves and still… really thrilling. You put your arms around him and start stroking his back with your hands. You want to say something, though Harry puts one finger on your lips.
“Secrets are there to be kept”, he whispers and he smiles.
Oh god.
Your cheeks turn a little bit red and you’re longing to his body more than ever before. You suddenly take his head in your hands and kiss him so passionate he gets a little bit overwhelmed. His soft lips touch yours and you slowly open your mouth, while Harry’s tongue starts exploring the area around your teeth. He lies down on the marshy ground, and you lie beneath him. Harry gasps a little and carefully slides one hand under your top.
He stops for a second and watches you questionable. You nod approvingly. Harry tickles the naked skin of your belly with his fingertips at first and slowly removes your shirt. He kisses your abdomen, your belly button and goes up until he reaches your lips again. He skipped your chest wisely.
You help Harry removing his shirt and grab his shoulder blades, to pull him closer, so his naked warm chest touches your skin. You lay one hand on his soft curly hair and the other one on his back as his lips find yours again.
“Babe?” Harry whispers softly.
“Yes, Harry?” You say, smiling at him.
“Can you keep a secret?”
“Of course I can, Harry.” Your voice sounds silent and careful. Harry moves his face closer, puts a little kiss on your forehead and whispers:
“I am in love with you.”

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