Sunday, 25 March 2012

Liam Payne

“Open your eyes lovely.”
“Wha-…” You groan softly, a bit irritated, and you turn around again in bed, so your head now faces the wall. Your eyes are still closed though.
Suddenly you feel something touching your cheek and you slowly open your eyes. In a haze you’re able to see Liam’s silhouette. His right hand lies on your shoulder and with his left hand he tickles your cheek. When he discovers you’re awake he smiles cutely and kneels down next to your bed.
“Good morning. You know you can’t delay coming out of bed any longer now, don’t you?” Liam tilts his head a bit aside and his brown eyes twinkle while watching you.
“I know, I know”, you mumble, and you stretch your muscles a bit under the blanket.
“Also”, Liam starts, and he walks over to the curtains to open them a bit, so the sunlight trickles into the room. “Do you know what day it is?” You frown, still a bit tired, and a little yawn escapes from your mouth. Suddenly you know what he’s talking about and you scream:
“Oh my god! Liam! Happy Valentine!” Liam turns around and raises the right corner of his mouth. He glances at the ground, bites his lip and immediately lifts you up from your bed, without any cautions.
“What are you doing?” You shout with a chuckle. Liam’s strong arms are holding you close to his chest and you put your arms around his neck because you’re quite scared to fall down.
“I am going to give you a lovely Valentines Day-breakfast”, he simply says. Like it’s nothing, he walks through the doorway, with you still in his arms. You can feel his heart beating loudly through his shirt, with every step he takes. Apparently the gym is a very nice place to create some muscles you use to carry girlfriends around the house...

Eventually in the kitchen, Liam puts a little kiss on your forehead and puts you down again. A little bit teasingly you touch his upper arm with two fingers.
“I always thought Zayn’s nickname was Muscularly Malik, but I think we have to change that a bit and invent one for you.” Liam smiles and stands behind you right now. He covers your eyes with his hands.
“Now keep walking straight on”, he whispers in your ear.
“What are you actually planning to do?” You smile a little.
“You’ll see. Whoa! Stop!” You almost hit a chair with your foot, according to Liam.
“Yes. Sit down now. And… You can take a look now.” Liam removes his hands from your eyes and smiles proudly at you, presenting the kitchen table and it’s content.
It takes a little while, though you notice the table is filled with food right now. Liam definitely took great pains over arranging an amazing breakfast. Actually, amazing is an understatement:
“Toast, pancakes, strawberries, waffles, crackers, biscuits, peanut butter, marmalade, bread…” You mumble with your mouth wide open. Liam’s just standing there pretty amused.
“Don’t forget the croissants, Nutella, sausages, bacon and eggs… And the drinks of course: orange juice, coffee, tea-…”
“Liam”, you whisper, with a surprised look on your face. “I’m not Niall.”
As if someone just gave you a sign, you both start to laugh really loudly.
“I know! I just wanted to make you something… um… variable?” You laugh again. This is so Liam. He’s just too caring and adorable!
“I noticed that already, babe. This is SO sweet! Thank you!” Liam watches you shyly and sits down next to you as he takes your hand.
“It’s nothing. You are very welcome.” He leans over the table a bit and takes a waffle. It looks like he poured a bit too much sugar over it, but you don’t mind at all.
“I am actually really proud of these myself. I baked them yesterday. I hope you’re hungry?” He chuckles and hands you a waffle: you take a bite. Liam grabs a sparkling deep red strawberry himself and puts it in his mouth.
“Wow, that is actually delicious, Liam! And why did I deserve this, again?” You say, a bit emotional.
“You deserve the whole world”, Liam says with a smile and he puts his arms around you, his sweet smell tickles your nostrils. His hair touches your cheek and a shiver goes down your spine. Liam lays his hands on your shoulders and watches you with a proud look on his face. His lips open as if he wants to say something, though he keeps silent and moves closer, until his lips meet yours. He kisses you softly, and a sweet taste of strawberries reaches your mouth. Liam lets you go again and smiles at the ground. Afterwards his deep brown eyes glance at you again.
“Happy Valentine, beautiful.”
“Happy Valentine, Liam.”

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