Sunday, 25 March 2012

Louis Tomlinson

“Listen to the voice of the waves.”
You close your eyes for a while, smelling the sweet fragrance of salt seawater. A soft, almost silent sound reaches your ears: the waves from the ocean, slowly moving over the sand.
“If you listen very closely,” a whispering voice says, “it looks like the ocean is telling you a story.” A little smile appears around your lips and you feel the sand beneath your body moving slowly. The person next to you approaches, soft warmth spreads itself.
It remains silent for a while, and afterwards the voice speaks again:
“I bet the waves just told you: ‘never trust Louis’.”
Suddenly Louis tickles the naked skin of your belly: you start to giggle and immediately open your eyes.
“Lou!” You shout, though Louis laughs amused and continues tickling you. “Louis, stop it!” The tears of laughter start to stream down your face and Louis makes you lie back down on the warm sand of the beach.
It’s a sweet summer evening: the sun’s still shining a little bit, giving you this very comfortable heat. You’ve just been lying in the sand with Louis, talking about nothing special. But it was funny, as always.
“Could…you…stop-… Please!” You giggle. You’re lying on your back and your hair touches the sand. Louis watches you mischievously and nearly sits down on top of you to tickle you.
“What will I get in return?” He brings his head a little bit closer to yours and lifts up one eyebrow.
“I don’t mind, I don’t mind, just stop! Please!” You hiccup. Your stomach is hurting from laughing too much.
“So…” Louis sits up, stops for a while and chuckles. “You will do anything?” There’s still nothing you can do to escape: Louis’ strong arms are holding you, that’s why you have to stay here in the sand.
“Anything!” You pout. You also join this little teasing-game Louis always likes to play, by acting like a victim.
“Mm, anything, huh?” Louis scratches his chin with one hand. His weight presses softly on your body, so it kind of feels a little bit heavy also.
“ANYTHING!” You scream. “Let me go now!” Louis slowly moves closer and puts one arm around your shoulder and neck, lifting up your head.
“Kiss me”, Louis commands. A little twinkle appears in his blue eyes as he smiles at you.
“Your wish is my command”, you giggle silently, and you press your lips onto Louis’ without a doubt. While you smell his nice aftershave, he puts his strong arms around you and lies down on top of you, so the skin of his upper body touches your chest. Just when you’re about to open your mouth a little, Louis stops kissing you and lets you go. He stands up on purpose.
“Hey!” You protest. Louis just laughs and watches you, his face far away from you. No wonder: you’re still looking at him from the ground.
“Hey what! You were my victim this time. So I decide how long to kiss you”, Louis grins, and he takes your hand to help you stand up also. You wipe away the sand from your legs and redress your bikini a bit.
You immediately forget Louis’ teasing though, and discover something.
“Lou!” You say surprised.
“What?” Louis turns his head around, still holding your hand, a smile on his face. You point at the horizon.
“Sunset”, you whisper.
“Amazing! We’re just in time”, Louis jokes and he pulls you closer. His right arm lies around your back, his hand on your right shoulder.
“Why don’t we sit down?” You ask.
“No, let’s go closer to the water”, Louis says, and he takes your hand again to drag you over the beach, until you reach the part where the waves touch the sand, so it’s all wet there. Your feet leave little holes in the sand, and you both try to avoid the seashells. You step forward and the cold water immediately floods your toes and feet.
Louis pinches your hand softly and smiles at you, watching your eyes. He looks so amazingly pretty in the soft red and orange lights from the sunset. You’re about to say something, but Louis speaks first:
“You know, you look so beautiful tonight.” Louis steps towards you.
“Thank you so much Louis. I was just about to say the same thing to you!” Louis chuckles and shakes his head. A warm feeling appears in your tummy and your cheeks get a little bit red. Still, Louis laugh drives you crazy inside. And not just a little. It feels like someone just caused a fire in your heart. Apparently Louis is able to read minds, because right now he puts his arms around your waist and lays his forehead onto yours, saying:
“I feel thunder in my heart.” He chuckles and you smile at him.
“Hey, I at least expect some better song lyrics from you, Tommo.”
“And I at least expect a better nickname than ‘Tommo’”, Louis laughs.
You both keep silent and watch the sun going down and down, with your arms around each other.
“Babe?” Louis suddenly whispers. The sun almost disappeared, though you still see the twinkles in Louis’ eyes. He wipes away a lock of hair from your face and strokes your cheek. You smile at the ground and touch Louis fingers.
“Yes, Louis?” You dare to whisper.
“I love you like fish love water, like flowers love rain. Like oceans will stay forever, our love will remain.” He moves closer and kisses your lips gently, just as the sun vanishes from view.

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