Sunday, 25 March 2012

Zayn Malik

“Oh my god, mum!” You shout.
The sunbeam, which is bright and melting hot, tickles your skin softly, as you turn around on your towel. Certain noises, which come from screaming children and the moving waves of the ocean, sound around you. It’s a beautiful day to go sunbathing, and apparently more people think likewise. You’re on a holiday in France with your family and today your mum and you decided to go to the beach for a little while. You just brought a notebook with you to write some of your experiences in there, so you won’t get bored.
“Mum!” You hiss, as you quickly pinch your mum’s shoulder. She almost fell asleep under the parasol, with her sunglasses still on.
“What’s going on, honey?” Your mum says tiredly, slowly turning her head around in your direction.
“Remember that thing I suggested to you…about spotting One Direction lookalikes?” Your mum secretly chuckles:
“Yes. If I spotted a lookalike for you, I’d get a cookie, am I right?” She says with a little smile around her lips. You grin widely and answer your mum’s question:
“Well, yes! Actually, this time I deserve a cookie myself! I just spotted a guy, who looks a lot like Harry. Look, over there!” You point at a boy, who is sitting like ten meters away from you and your mum. Earlier that day, when you’d been walking around the camping, you also saw this guy, but he was wearing sunglasses, so you couldn’t see his face. The only things you were able to see were his cute curls and his body, really. And he was riding a bike; the moment you saw him was over very quickly.
“That guy you were talking about earlier?” Your mum asks you.
“Yes. Anyway, I’m pretty sure it’s not the real Harry. But I haven’t seen his face yet, though! Oh why doesn’t he turn around, I want to see his face!”
Your mum watches the boy, who’s still sitting there with his back towards you, and laughs. She removes her sunglasses and looks you in the eyes.
“That sure is a cute guy, love”, she says, and she immediately stands up. “I’m going to take a look for you.”
“What? No! What do you want…? What are you…?”
“Don’t worry, hun, I’m going to walk a little round to see what his face looks like.”
“Mum? Oh my…” But she already walks around the beach, among the parasols and towels from other people. You hide your face in your hands. This is really embarrassing. You watch your mum as she turns around and heads towards to the Harry lookalike. His back is still facing you, but your mum is now able to see his face. She discretely walks along him and has a quick look at the boy, as she walks to your parasol again.
When your mum arrives at the towel, she smiles widely.
“And…?” You ask her, secretly a little bit curious.
“That was one very, very cute guy for you, love! I approve.” You start to giggle nervously.
“It was very embarrassing actually, mum”, you say, still laughing. “You should have seen yourself.”
Right now the guy turns around. Damn, his face does look cute, indeed! And of course it isn’t the real Harry. Ha, you wish.
Your mum just stands there in front of you, as if she’s waiting for you to do something.
“Go ahead.”
“Just go and talk to him.”
“NO! I mean: no. I can’t do that?” Your mum watches you as you stand up, with a twitchy look on your face.
“Okay. If you say so”, you mumble to your mum. And to yourself: “Why am I even doing this?”
You take a deep breath and walk over the hot sand, towards to the boy. Suddenly your foot gets caught deep in the sand, and you fall over, with your face almost facing the ground. Now this is even more embarrassing than your mum’s stupid action.
“Are you okay?” A boy’s voice suddenly sounds. You immediately try to stand up, but that doesn’t work, so you look up.
Wait. What did just happen?
The lad, who just spoke to you, takes your hand and helps you stand up again.
“Thank you”, you manage to say as your eyes widen.
A pair of wonderful brown eyes, with long deep black eyelashes, stare at you. The boy watches you a bit concerned and lays his hand on your shoulder.
“Are you sure you are okay? You might have sprained your ankle. Sometimes sand can be dangerous, you know.” He chuckles.
“Wait, wait, wait”, you say, a bit overwhelmed. “You are Z-…”
“Ssht!” The boy covers your mouth softly with two fingers and watches around nervously. “Yes. I am Zayn from One Direction”, he continues, whispering to you. “Please don’t say it out loud, I haven’t got recognized already. Although… Until you…” You smile and joke:
“Until I fell for you.” Zayn starts to chuckle. “Until you fell for me! Hey, it might be a silly question, but would you like to share a drink with me right now? I was just going to the beach tent.”
Only now you have a quick look at Zayn’s body. His lightly tinted skin shines in the sunlight, and the little tattoo on his chest is kind of laughing at you. You immediately avert your head and look at Zayn again, who watches you expectantly, with a cute smile on his face. Hello? Why does he have to look so perfect, again?
“Sure!” You say, as you dodder through the sand again. You pull a painful face, grabbing your ankle. “Autch! I guess I DID sprain my ankle!”
“Let me help you”, Zayn says, and he wraps one arm around your waist, you lay one hand on his shoulder to lean upon him.
“Thank you, Zayn”, you smile.
“No problem”, Zayn says. He secretly watches your lips and looks up again. “So tell me, what’s your name, beautiful?” Your cheeks turn a little bit red and you tell him your name.
“That’s a lovely name!” He says, with a mischievous smile. “Shall we get a drink now?”

“Why is this corridor so narrow?” You say a bit irritated.
You and Zayn arrived at the beach tent right now, though it’s quite hard to walk through the corridor with Zayn right next to you, because you are still leaning on him while walking.
“I really don’t know”, Zayn mumbles. You try to walk any further and eventually you accidentally get stuck between the two walls of the corridor.
“I’m sorry”, Zayn whispers, his chest presses close to yours and his nose almost touches yours. You gasp silently as you feel his breath tickling your skin softly.
“It’s okay”, you whisper, watching Zayn’s face.
“I…” Zayn’s eyes twinkle as he speaks, and a sweet smell of peppermint reaches your nostrils. Zayn drops his eyes. The feeling of his body warmth makes you feel weak in the knees. Suddenly he looks up and opens his mouth to say something.
“I think…” Zayn slowly moves his face closer to yours, so the tips of your noses touch. His face is so close already, that you can almost count every single one of his eyelashes. You close your eyes as his lips touch yours softly, for only a little moment. It felt like a little angel just stroke your lip for only one second. Zayn takes your hand, and he smiles at you, leading you through the corridor.
“Let’s go buy something”, Zayn says while chuckling cutely. You touch your lips a little with your fingertips. That small spot Zayn just touched with his lips feels like it is on fire right now. Zayn pinches your hand a little and smiles widely at you.
Lookalikes? Not done! This is the real deal.


  1. Asdfghjkl i'm like a retard here smiling at the computer screen. Ahhhh, thanks for making my night! :> :")