Sunday, 25 March 2012

Niall Horan

“Two times! I’ve told you about this two times already! And you still don’t believe me, do you?”
“Not really, to be honest. There’s just something I don’t understand…” You whisper nervously, your lower lip trembles a little. You are on the verge of tears.
“Is there any way I can explain this to you again?”
You stare into two bright blue beautiful eyes. Those wonderful eyes are Niall’s.
He watches you desperately, with a well-frustrated look on his face. You bite your lip and look down as you fiddle a little with your fingers, your eyes almost closed. You take a deep breath and sigh:
“Okay. Listen, Niall: this is the very last chance you get. And please tell me the truth right now, I beg you!” Niall immediately grabs your hand, but you let it go and whisper, as your voice breaks: “Please, Niall.”
Niall gazes and moves his lips a little. Though he doesn’t speak a word.
“Come sit down…” He says sadly, as you both sit down on the soft red couch in Niall’s living room. “Look at me, babe.” He touches your chin with his fingers and tilts up your head a little.
“I went to this party with the lads after a gig three days ago. It was kind of an alcoholic party, but I’ve already explained that to you, right?” Niall watches you insecurely, and you nod, but you still keep silent.
“So, after about three hours Harry had to introduce me to a certain girl he kind of liked.” While Niall speaks, you shake your head almost invisibly.
“I haven’t done anything wrong, I swear!” Niall says desperately, his eyes start to get a little bit moist. “That girl just liked me. I mean: she really, really liked me. But I didn’t want… I wouldn’t… She…” Niall can’t pronounce his words correctly anymore and starts to cry without a sound. Little sparkling tears find their ways down Niall’s cheeks, though he continues his story.
“It was not my fault, please, believe me! She was drunk and just grabbed my waist, to pull me close to her. And I know, she…” Niall swallows. “…tried to kiss me. But nothing ever happened. I won’t ever do that to you. Do you hear me, love? NEVER!” His last shout makes your heart break. Niall’s cheeks are wet of crying and red blotches appear on his face. He closes his eyes, and a tear falls down on the couch as he whispers:
“Never. I will never do such a thing to you…”
A glance on his eyes and you can tell he’s speaking the truth.
“Oh, Niall”, you whisper, you can’t help it but you also begin to cry right now.
“I love you”, Niall says and he immediately puts his arms around you. “I love you so much. I don’t ever want to see you in pain like this anymore. It’s horrible. I-…” You lay your index finger on his lips.
“Ssh, Niall. It’s all okay. I believe everything you say.” While lying in Niall’s arms, he strokes your hair. His left cheek touches yours, and you can still feel he’s crying.
“I’m honestly so thankful to have you.”
You don’t hesitate and kiss Niall on the lips. He directly responds to your passionate kiss and moves his hands from your back to your waist. The feeling of his soft lips touching yours is absolutely the most amazing feeling ever. Niall goes down to your hips with his hands and touches your skin underneath your clothes, as he opens his mouth a little while kissing you. His tongue touches your lips and your teeth, which makes you shiver. Suddenly Niall leads his left hand under your t-shirt and rubs your back slowly. You gasp as his other hand lifts up the fabric.
“I love you Niall”, you whisper in between of another cute kiss.
“I love you too, baby. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.”

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