Sunday, 25 March 2012

Harry Styles

“Hey, what are you doing there? Get off!”
Harry smiles at you mischievously as he watches the man who just shouted at him. Harry climbs down the roof and shrugs his shoulders.
“My apologies, mister Malory”, he says, a bit sarcastically though. Mister Malory, a so-called professional farmer with an enormous black mustache, looks at Harry cautionary.
“I was just about to help-…” Harry says, but mister Malory ignores it.
“Rubbish! Chicken are able to get off there by itself!” Mister Malory walks away pretty furious and Harry and you have to contain your laughter.

You are staying at a lovely farm Harry often went to as a kid. You hired a little room at the guesthouse and you’re allowed to go to the animals at all time: Harry just wanted to save a little chicken from the roof, but the owner, mister Malory, didn’t really appreciate his offer.

Right now Harry and you are sitting between the goats and their kids. The smell of hay and straw tickles your nose as a little sprig stings in your back.
“Hey babe”, Harry suddenly says, with a little grin on his face. He moves a little bit closer and whispers in your ear: “We should have an adventure together.” You feel your cheeks turn a little bit red as Harry teases you by breathing a little in your neck. “Let’s borrow two of the horses and get away!” Harry raises his eyebrows and his green eyes twinkle as he watches you. “What do you think?”

“What’s this one called?” Harry asks you. After asking the owner about the horses, you immediately went to the stable to choose an appropriate horse.
“It’s called…” You watch a light brown horse with gorgeous deep brown eyes. “Milady.”
Harry smiles and walks over to Milady. “Funny”, he chuckles, as you choose a dark brown horse, named Porsche.
“What’s so funny about that?” You ask as you try and sit down on Porsche’s back.
“Well, isn’t that quite clear? My horse is named Milady, and YOU are MY lady. Isn’t that such a funny coincidence?” He smiles at you cutely and you start to walk slowly with the horses.
Eventually outside, you watch the beautiful sun, which lightens up the meadows with its lovely sunflowers, and finally you look at Harry. He’s wearing a white t-shirt and it’s unbuttoned a little, which you find extremely attractive. His eyes shine in the bright sunbeam and a little smile lies around his lips. When he notices you’re watching him, he grins at you.
“Shall we go faster?” He says.
“That’s okay”, you answer. You encourage the horses to run faster, and you glance at Harry while riding through the high green grass along the sunflowers, Harry’s curls move a little in the wind.
Suddenly you arrive at a little forest. You slow down and Harry says:
“We’re here now.” He jumps off the horse and helps you get off also.
As you both attach the horses to a tree, you notice Harry brought a little picnic basket with him.
“Aw, that’s so sweet of you, Hazza! Thank you!” He watches you shyly and you put your arms around him to hug him tightly.
“You’re so welcome, sweetheart”, he whispers in your ear, though he lets you go again.
You both sit down as you chat, eat and laugh: you’re absolutely having a great time. Harry sometimes even leans towards you to kiss you quickly on the lips.
After you finished eating the most delicious lunch in the world, Harry grabs a knife out of the picnic basket.
“You know, I took this with me…” He says and he watches you insecurely, speaking with at trembling voice.
“You’re not going to cut anyone, are you?” You say surprised.
“No! What are you talking about?” Harry laughs, but he gets a little bit nervous now.
“It’s just... I think that… I love you and…” His cheeks turn a little bit red and in his eyes you can see he’s scared.
“I hope you love me too the way that I do. I thought maybe we could…carve our names in a tree?”
“Oh Harry, that’s an amazing idea!” You stand up to hug him, and you lay your head on his chest caringly, as he kisses you passionately, his lips still taste a little bit like the watermelon you just shared together: sweet and fruity.
“Harry”, you suddenly start, “don’t you ever think I don’t love you, because I do. A LOT.”
Harry smiles, you even notice his eyes get a little bit moist: tears of happiness.
“I love you too, baby.”
You both choose the largest and most beautiful tree in the little forest and you carve in your names with a big heart around it. You hand the knife to Harry and he carves the following sentence under your names: ‘We will last forever’. Afterwards you decide to carve in the date also.
Harry turns his head around at you, his face looks beautiful in the shadows of the trees. The orange glow of the sun makes you feel very comfortable as Harry stares into your eyes and watches your lips. He tilts his head a little and moves his face a bit closer, his strong arms around your waist. Just when your lips are about to meet each other, he whispers:
“Forever yours.”
Ultimately he kisses you gently.

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