Sunday, 19 February 2012

Louis Tomlinson

#Imagine it's 11 PM. It's dark outside and you're lying in bed, staring at the ceiling because you can't sleep. The clock, hanging on the wall, is ticking softly as you turn your head around and keep staring into your room. You actually have no clue why you're not able to sleep, though you are feeling really tired.
You suddenly get scared of a little ticking sound, but it sure isn't your clock. You immediately sit up in bed and watch your room closely, quickly turning a light on.
Nothing's wrong at all though.
Suddenly you hear the ticking sound again. By now you realize it came from somewhere near your... It is the sound of someone knocking your window!
'What the...' You whisper, and suddenly a face appears in front of your window, you immediately scream.
Wait... What? Is it...? You get out of bed and walk to the window softly, your bare feet touching the cold and soft carpet from your bedroom.
'Louis!' You say surprised. 'What are you doing here? You should sleep!'
You help Louis inside by opening the window and he shrugs his shoulders.
'I didn't feel like sleeping. And anyway, it's much nicer to see my dreams in real life, right?' That little comment of Louis makes you blush a bit, and you smile as your cheeks turn red.
'What kind of dream were you thinking of tonight?' You ask Louis, like it's completely normal he just got into your room in the middle of the night.
'A sexy dream', Louis whispers, as he slowly moves closer and his hand strokes your chin and jawline, you shiver.
'BUT, I need to take you with me at first...' Louis takes your hand and you grab some slippers from the ground as he drags you outside the window.
'What the hell are you actually doing?' You sizzle. Louis just smiles mischievously at you.
'You'll see, you'll see...'

You begin to get really tired now and start to talk to Louis with an irritated voice:
'Louis, why do you... Oooh!'
In front of you a large garden appears. Flowers are everywhere, looking mysterious in the moonlight. Wonderful trees rise up above your heads and immediately make you feel very comfortable. Louis takes your hand and you feel the warmth of his skin when he leads you into the garden.
Normally it would be pretty scary to be here at night, but the fact the stars are smiling at you and Louis is here make everything really romantic.
'Come with me, baby', Louis whispers as his lips move a little, his eyes watch your face.
You follow Louis into the garden, when he suddenly stops by a little bench under a large rosebush. The moonlight shines perfectly on this little, comfortable-looking bench. Louis sits down as he takes you on his lap, you lay down to his chest as he puts his arms around you, and you watch the starts above you.
'Lou... This is amazing', you say, with little tears in your eyes.
'The stars out there are million miles away, yet so close', Louis speaks and he turns his head around as he smiles at you. His smile, combinated with his beautiful eyes in the moonlight, make him look extremely attractive.
'You are so beautiful', Louis whispers. He puts his arms around your waist and turns you around, so your head is facing him, and one of your legs is at his left and your other leg at his right. Louis takes one of your hands and brings it closer to his lips, as he starts putting little kisses on your fingertips. You giggle a little.
Louis suddenly grabs you and kisses you gently. His warm lips and incredibly hot body against yours make you gasp and you put your arms under his shirt, rubbing his back slowly.
Louis starts to moan silently when you open your mouth a little and his tongue meets yours, suddenly playing roughly. You put your legs around his waist and pull yourself really close to him, whiingressing him passionately. He grabs your pajama shirt with one hand and pulls it over your head. His warm hands meet your naked skin again and you open your eyes to watch your beautiful boy in the moonlight.
'Am I.. Can I...' Louis whispers and he raises one eyebrow. You kiss him teasingly, biting his upper lip.
'Do everything you want: I'm fully yours babe', you say.
Louis chuckles and starts to kiss your cheekbone, secretly licking your jawline. When his lips meet yours again and his hands are lying on the little straps of your bra, he suddenly pulls you so close to him. You can feel his heartbeat getting louder as you put your ear near to his chest. Louis says:
'This is how much I love you. You are my world, baby.'
He kisses your lips softly, holding you close to his chest as if he'll never let you go.

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