Sunday, 19 February 2012

Niall Horan

#Imagine it's a wonderful summer day, you're at Niall's house with the boys to celebrate the holidays. Niall's parents aren't at home today, they left the house so you're all able to have a little private party.
'Could you pass me the cookies?' Harry asks with a chuckle, as his dimples appear.
You smile at him and close your eyes for a while, waiting for Niall to shout... You're right: he does!
'NO!' Niall screams. 'They're mine, obviously.' Everyone starts to laugh and Niall's cheeks turn a little bit red as he watches you cutely and embarrassed.
'You know', Liam suddenly starts, and you turn your head around when you realize he's talking to you. 'One year ago, exactly at this day, we met you for the first time.' You watch him surprised.
'Are you serious?' Liam nods with a lovely smile on his face, which makes you blush.
'And in two weeks we are together for ONE year already!' Niall says as he possessively puts his arms around you.
'Aaaw!' Louis screams as he claps his hands. 'Congratulations already, for being such a cute couple!' The others hum agreeing, although you notice Liam looks at you a little bit disappointed. His eyes look incredibly sad, although his lips try to smile.
'Okay, enough with this emotional stuff, shall we watch a movie now together?' Harry proposes. Niall glances at you, though he doesn't stand up.
'I have to... Just go, we will be fine', Niall says, his hand lays on your shoulder and he kisses your cheek, a sign that the others have to leave. Everyone walks away to choose a movie to watch, and Liam turns around his head, when he shrugs his shoulders afterwards and closes the door behind him.
'I know it isn't our one year anniversary yet, but I've got a surprise for you though', Niall whispers. He takes your hand and drags you out of the seat. 'Follow me!'

You have been walking for about five minutes now already, still you have no idea where Niall is going.
Niall is a bit hyper: while running along the large trees of the forest he keeps smiling and laughing. He suddenly stops walking and grins.
'Here we are.'
You look around, though you see nothing but trees and flowers.
'So... Wha-...' Niall softly takes your chin and makes you look up. Your mouth falls open as Niall takes your hand and drags you to a little ladder.
There, high upon the sky in a big tree, a little treehouse is located between the branches.
Niall and you climb the ladder, he's holding your hand and leads you to the treehouse.
When you arrive at the threehouse Niall pushes the purple curtains aside as he tells you to go inside.
The inside of the treehouse includes a bunch of large blue pillows, a bunch of large blue pillows and...more large blue pillows.
'You sure like blue, mister Horan', you giggle, and Niall grabs your waist.
'I do! But you know what I love more than blue?' He smiles evilly and closes the curtain behind him as he puts a little kiss in your neck and whispers sexily: 'You...'
With one move Niall pushes you onto the sea of large soft pillows, as he lays down on top of you literally, high upon the sky in the top of a tree.
You put your arms around Niall and move one hand to his bum slowly. Niall's deep blue eyes are only one centimeter away from yours now.
'Kiss me...' He sighs sexily as he lays down. Your bodies touch as your lips meet his. Niall kisses you passionately as he pulls his hand through your hair.
His sweet lips open and with his soft tongue he starts licking your upper lip teasingly, when he meets your tongue and you start to play. While French kissing, Niall's right hand finds it's way down your shirt. He opens one button of your blouse and you feel his warm hand touching your skin.
'You're so beautiful', Niall whispers as he continues to kiss your lower lip and bites a little in it. Your hands crawl under his shirt and Niall moans softly, still kissing you gently.
'Can I, Nialler?' You ask him softly. Niall smiles mischievously and easily removes his shirt.
'You don't even have to', he grins and he turns you around, so you're on top of him now. Your hands tickle his naked upper body as you kind of sit down on his legs. Niall grabs your hand and opens his mouth:
'Babe, I want you. I want you now', he groans and he watches your eyes.
You slowly move closer so your lips touch his ear and whisper:
'When I'm with you I feel like I'm on top of the world.'


  1. God, Lord, Baby Jesus.!!!!!
    That is such a good Imagine.!!!!

  2. Oh LAWD! That was a good imagine :D Made me cry.. But in a good way, I was laughing at the same time <333

  3. WOAH thats interesting but ok :D

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