Sunday, 19 February 2012

Liam Payne

#Imagine it’s summer: the cosy time of little visits to the beach, children chasing each other with super soakers and of course: sunbathing in the extremely hot sunbeam.
Today is a typicial hot summer day. You’d like to do nothing but lying outside in the heat, because moving will be too strenuous.
Though, your mum suddenly walks into the garden. Her face is red and a little bit sweaty. Crazy, she’s been working in the garden in front of your house for hours! Probably because she likes to get the neighbours a little bit jealous by having the most wonderful flowers...
“Hey mum!” You say, but you don’t move at all and keep your eyes closed against the sun.
“Liam on the telephone for you”, she speaks, and you immediately stand up to grab the phone out of her hands.
“Thanks, mum!” You say hastily. You run around her and leave her open-mouthed in the garden.

As soon as possible... What did he mean with that? Was it a joke? Probably.
“Liam?” You knock on Liam’s door and watch through the glass, though you can’t see anyone, so you sigh.
“As soon as possible, he said...” You mumble. “Liam!”
“I’m in the garden, babe!”
You smile awkwardly and walk to the back of the house, where Liam’s garden is located.
You accidentally gasp as you open the fence of the garden: Liam is lying on a white sunlounger in his swimming trunks and immediately stands up when he sees you. With your mouth almost open, you shake your head and try not to keep your eyes on his incredibly fit torso.
“Well hellooo there, sexy!” Liam smiles and he walks over to you. You close the fence behind you and hug Liam tightly, his body warmth goes through your thin summer dress.
“I can tell you the same”, you whisper in his ear, as Liam’s hands go their way down from your back to your bum. He pulls you close to him and watches you with little twinkles in his eyes.
“Ha! Me? Sexy? I bet you need a mirror to see yourself”, he teasingly says and he lets you go, without kissing you. Such a tease.
“So”, Liam says as he walks to his house, “does my little angel want something to drink?”
You pout, but walk after Liam:
“Hey, I thought I was sexy at first?” You say. Liam takes a cold drink from the refridgerator and raises one eyebrow.
“You’re a sexy angel”, he says, trying to act serious, so you both start to laugh.
Eventually outside again, Liam takes you on his lap, sitting on the sunlounger, with his arms around your waist.
“Well”, you say with your drink in one hand, “what kind of thing was so important to you that I had to come here ‘as soon as possible’?” Liam shrugs his shoulders.
“Nothing. I just wanted to see you. It’s stupid to be here on your own in such an awful heat”, he says cutely and he puts a little kiss between your neck and your back. His lips feel a little bit moist, because it’s so hot and Liam sweats a little.
“On your own?” You ask him, as you look around. Lovely sunflowers adorn the edges of Liam’s garden. You giggle softly as you discover a wonderful and extremely large blue inflatable pool.
“Yes, I’m on my own today. HEY, what’s so funny?” Liam immediately says. “Want to go for a little swim?” Before you can even realize, he takes your hand and drags you to the pool as he jumps in there, still holding your hand.
“AAH!” You scream, but Liam just laughs and splashes water in your face.
“Now you’re not only an angel anymore, but also a sexy mermaid!” He laughs.
“Look at my dress! It’s all wet! And my hair!” You try to protest, but you actually can’t do anything but laugh with Liam: he is just too sweet.
“Oh, your dress, I’m sorry, I forgot about that.” Liam swims over to you and helps you getting it off, so you’re dressed up in your underwear now only. The water is nice and cool, as the hot sun still shines bright on your face.
“But hey...” Liam lays his warm hand on your shoulder and his forehead on yours as he whispers, with a deep and sexy voice: “Could this sexy angelic mermaid do me a little favor?” You smile shyly and Liam grabs your waist, so your almost naked bodies touch each other’s. You hold your breath.
“Could you... Could you kiss me?” Liam doesn’t even have to ask, because you immediately kiss his soft and wet lips, they taste a little bit like the water of the swimming pool. Liam lays one hand beside your head and strokes your hair while kissing your passionately. One of your hands lays on his naked chest and moves down slowly, along the edge of his swimming trunks.
“Stop teasing!” Liam groans and he suddenly opens your mouth a little with his tongue and starts to make out with you gently. Your tongues play as you hear Liam’s breath getting heavier. He groans and pushes you against the poolside, you throw your head in your neck as he starts to kiss your skin quickly, licking a few water drops from your naked shoulder.
“Liam...” You whisper and Liam looks up with his gorgeous brown puppy eyes.
“Yes, my angel?” He smiles and puts a little kiss on your tummy, his fingers tickle your skin and you shiver, his hands slowly move up your belly to your bra.
“I.. I love you, Liam”, you sigh.
"I love you too, babe", Liam says and you moan silently as Liam slowly undoes your bra...

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