Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Zayn Malik & Harry Styles

#Imagine it's almost twelve o'clock, midnight. You're at Harry and Louis' apartment, where Harry decided to hold a little sleepover. Louis, Niall and Liam are all not here tonight and you didn't want to be all alone: that's exactly the reason why Harry invited you and Zayn to his apartment.
Because of some previous party the fridge is still filled with alcoholic drinks. Not that you are an alcoholic... Harry thought it was fun to put a little bit of vodka in your coke.
'I bet Louis is having a lot of fun with Eleanor tonight', Harry says with an evil grin on his face. He's lying on the large couch, which stands in the living room. Harry moves a little while watching you and Zayn. With his left hand he's holding a beer and his right hand lays on his hips.
'And Liam with Danielle...' You hear Zayn, he chuckles.
'Probably', you say. Damn, you feel a little bit dizzy. 'And what about our Nialler?'
Zayn and Harry glance at each other and both start to laugh loudly. You just stare at them.
'Did I miss something?' You ask, but Harry winks at you and says:
'Don't worry, sexy!' You shiver by hearing that deep voice talking to you like that. 'You didn't miss anything', Harry continues.
'Nope', Zayn says, as he puts one arm around your waist. You're both sitting on Harry's soft carpet, on the ground.
'We just think Niall is having a great night with his pillow', Harry jokes.
'That's mean!' You say, but secretly you can't contain your laughter at all. Might be the vodka.
Harry suddenly jumps off the couch and walks away.
'I feel like putting some music on, be right back', he says as he leaves. You sigh. Nice way to change the subject.
Suddenly you feel Zayn's arm moving lower, from your waist to your bum. He turns you around a little and watches you with his beautiful brown eyes. It makes you melt by seeing those wonderful eyelashes every girl would be jealous of.
'Hey babe...'
Zayn bites his lip as he moves his face closer to yours, right now his forehead leans on yours.
'Zayn-...' You whisper and you watch his perfect lips. Suddenly a romantic song starts to play and Harry walks in again.
'Hey, I thought o-... Wait a minute!' Harry immediately runs over to Zayn and you, of course he noticed you were just about to kiss. Harry sits down with a dirty look on his face. He strokes your chin softly with one finger, teasingly.
'You were not going to have fun without me, were you guys?' He whispers and a weird feeling crawls over you. Before you can even realize you feel Harry's soft and moist lips touching yours, as he starts to kiss you passionately. You feel Harry lays one hand on your bum, where Zayn's other hand is already located. Teasingly Harry tickles your lips with his tongue, as he asks you to open your mouth a little without speaking a word.
Suddenly something very unexpected happens: as you put your lips a bit aside, you feel another pair of lips touching yours. You get a little bit scared but immediately close your eyes again, while Zayn joins your kissing game. Your tongues play like they already know each other for years, and the feeling of this kiss you get from Harry and Zayn at the same time makes you feel weak. These boys are driving you crazy!
While Harry starts to nibble your lip Zayn leads his tongue along your teeth. Harry groans as you touch his shirt and move your hand over his warm and naked chest slowly. Zayn pushes you down on the carpet and starts kissing your neck and ear, rubbing your tummy slowly with his hand. You moan of pleasure as Harry's tongue finds yours again. You gasp as Zayn touches your bra under your shirt and tilts it up a little.
Harry puts a little kiss on your bellybutton.
'No, we don't need any pillows tonight to cuddle up to...' He whispers sexily as he licks his lips and helps Zayn putting off your shirt...


  1. This is the best imagines I have ever read♥ Can you make more like this?

  2. These are the best imagines I have ever read. It's soo ... I can't explain :) x

  3. Make more exactly like this one .