Sunday, 8 January 2012

Harry Styles

#Imagine: “Stooop!” You shout as a snowball hits your back again. You smile widely and turn around: “Could you plea-...” BAM! Another snowball, right on your chest. A cheeky chuckle sounds and Harry already grabs another handful of snow, but you immediately run over to him and take his wrist. “Stop, please?” You say and Harry looks at you defiantly.
“Okay, babe”, he says as he bites his lip and turns his head around, with a big smile on his face. He throws the white substance on the ground again. “Really, your facial expression just now. Priceless”, he teases you as he walks further.
Harry and you are on a very rare holiday together, with just the two of you. You were actually so happy when he asked you to go skiing with him during the holidays. Finally he had time! Luckily your parents wanted to pay a little for you, otherwise it wouldn’t be possible to get such a lovely little house as you did right now. At first Harry wanted to pay for you also, but that was just unacceptable. It was also your holiday, not only his.

“I won!” Harry screams as he throws open the door of your little house.
“You won what?” You giggle as you put your skis outside.
“Well, you know, the snowball game”, Harry says. He sits down in the hall of your house to put off his skiing shoes.
The house was pretty nice located: you had to walk about 200 metres and then you had already reached the skiing arena.
After you’ve put off your shoes also, you close the door behind you and follow Harry through the house. He runs through the living room and plumps down on the large bed, which is also used as a couch.
“Someone’s pretty tired out here”, you mumble, but you smile as Harry lays his hand on the place next to him. He raises one eyebrow seductively, so you sit down.
“It’s pretty hot out here”, Harry says, as he watches his hands and fiddles a little, and you laugh.
“Yes, how obvious! Look how many layers of clothes we’re wearing!” You say, and you grab a piece of your shirt.
“Oh...” Harry says meaningless. “Well, in that case...” With one move he removes his ski sweater. You watch him a little bit open-mouthed, but he doesn’t seem to care. By now he grabs one side of his ski trousers. “And these aren’t necessary at all either.” Without speaking a word he puts off his trousers and throws them in a corner, somewhere on the bench at the table.
Harry’s now sitting on the bed in his underwear and ski socks only. He looks at you with a mischievous grin on his face and moves a little bit closer.
“And what about you?” He whispers, with a deep sexy overtone in his voice. He glances at you, starting with your feet and ending up at your eyes. He raises one eyebrow as he bites his upper lip and touches your ear with his mouth. His warm breath gives you goose bumps:
“It is in fact pretty hot in here.”
A weak feeling appears in your knees. Though you try to remove your sweater also, but it doesn’t work. You start to chuckle nervously:
“Damn, I can’t get it off!”
“Let me help you”, Harry speaks softly and you suddenly feel his warm chest touching your back while he removes your sweater slowly. You want to stand up to put off your skiing trousers, but Harry grabs your waist as he pushes you back on the bed. He pulls you closer to him as he lays down on his back, and turns you around in one simple motion, so you end up laying on top of him.
One moment your eyes cross each other’s, and Harry whispers:
“Kiss me now.”
Before you could even make the first move, Harry lays his hands in your neck as he pulls your head closer and kisses you roughly. The feeling of his soft lips touching yours makes you shiver and Harry moves down one hand from your back to your bum slowly over your naked skin.
Harry moves a little so he’s on top of you right now. His curls are hanging in your face and his breath tickles your skin as he starts to put little kisses in your neck.
You actually can’t handle this anymore so you just put your arms around him tightly as you snog him passionately, Harry follows you and teases you a little bit by licking your lips. You moan as he touches your belly with his fingers.
Suddenly he stops kissing you, and you look at him disappointingly. Harry just smiles and watches your eyes again, with a dirty look on his face.
“Harry...” You whisper, but Harry puts one finger on your lips.
“Ssh”, he says. Harry lays you down on the bed softly, as he bows over and puts a soft kiss on the corner of your lips again, his warm body touching yours.
“Right now I’m going to show you how much I love you, babe.”