Saturday, 7 January 2012

Zayn Malik

#Imagine you're sitting in the living room, on a large couch, on your own. You're kind of watching an extremely boring movie, which plays on an uninteresting channel, with the sound of the shower in the background.
Right now you're just waiting for Zayn to finish his little shower-session. He came home lately from a gig tonight: the clock tells you it's almost half past twelve. Zayn wanted to take a shower very badly though, you didn't really mind and it is in fact quite understandable.
With a yawn you listen to the sound of the water reaching the bottom of the bath, which suddenly stops. Apparently Zayn finished showering. Weird he didn't sing a single line there today. Normally he held whole performances on his own in the shower, singing very loudly. Ah well, he had to be really tired of all this travelling-stuff.
"Babe!" Zayn suddenly shouts. You immediately stand up and run to the staircase at the corridor, so you can hear what he's saying.
"Babeee?" Zayn shouts again. "Could you probably hand me a towel? I forgot to bring one!"
You sigh as you walk up the stairs and go to the bedroom to take a red towel from the closet. Afterwards you walk to the bathroom and open the door a little bit awkwardly.
"Z-Zayn?" You stutter. "I brought you a..."
Suddenly you get scared as you feel a warm hand on your shoulder. You turn around, and look right into Zayn's beautiful face. His hair is still wet and his jawline looks a little bit raw because he didn't shave this morning. A little sparkling gloss adorns his moist...body.
"Oh m-..." You whisper almost breathless, as your eyes watch his naked torso.
Oh. My. Malik.
You want to turn around again, but Zayn grabs the towel you got him, so you can't leave yet.
"Thank you for the towel", he says with a deep, raspy and tired-sounding sexy voice.
Nobody.. You repeat: NOBODY else can make those five simple words sound sexy while pronouncing them. But Zayn just did.
"You're welcome", you mumble when your cheeks turn red and you grab the doorknob immediately.
"Wait", Zayn says hastily. "I want you to..."
He suddenly grabs your shoulders, turns you around and pulls you close to him as his soft lips meet yours. Zayn's lips still are a little bit moist and you feel his naked body touching yours through your clothes while kissing him passionately. Zayn lays one hand behind your head while he bites your upper lip teasingly . With his other hand he throws the towel you gave him in a little corner of the bathroom and he slowly opens his eyes as he lifts up your top a little. The warmth of his hand tickles your skin, which gives you goose bumps. Zayn's gorgeous brown eyes meet yours as he asks you to go on without speaking any words. The look in his eyes says enough to understand what he's asking you.
You nod and sigh deeply, as Zayn pulls your shirt over your head with one simple move. He continues kissing you: first your jaw, then your neck and afterwards he goes down along your belly. The feeling of his warm lips touching your naked skin drives you crazy, so you moan softly.
"Zayn..." You whisper and he pushes you against the wall to snog you with a mischievous groan. He shivers and puts his arms around you tightly.
"I love you so much, babe", he says with his incredibly attractive voice. He winks as his hands slowly find their way down your body...

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