Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Liam Payne

#Imagine it’s a cold and dark night. You sleep at Liam’s apartment tonight because it’s the last day before he and the boys are going on tour. He wanted to prepare something special for you, and you really wonder what he’s been doing.

“Liam!” You smile as he opens the door of his apartment, which still looks quite impressive and very huge. Sometimes it makes you feel like you’re walking into a little castle.
“Come in, sweetheart”, Liam says as he hugs you tightly, while rubbing your back. That’s exactly the thing you love about his hugs, the rub-your-back thingy. It’s just cute and so… Liam.
Liam kisses your cheek softly and takes your bags from you.
“I’m so happy to have you here, babe!” You quickly close the door behind you and you smile. Liam helps you taking off your coat. You feel his body touching your back a little for a second and his breath tickling your neck gives you goose bumps.
Suddenly he’s finished and he puts away your coat.
“So…” You mumble, almost breathless, and you shiver.
This is crazy. Why did you just get that feeling? Liam only touched you for about five seconds? You shake your head a little bit confused and continue talking:
“What have you been planning, Liam?” You ask him. You feel your knees got a bit weak, but immediately ignore it. Liam smiles at you cutely, and he walks to the stairs.
“Want me to show you?” He whispers mysteriously. His eyes are watching you closely and he reaches to you with his hand invitingly.
“Come with me, love.” You hesitate for a moment, but you take his hand as he drags you onto the stairs.

Eventually upstairs Liam points at the door at the end of the corridor.
“The spare room?” You ask him surprised, and Liam nods.
“Yes. But that’s actually not the right name anymore.” By then he opens the door, and all you can say is:
“No. Freaking. Way.”
In the room, which was normally filled with a lot of clothes and one empty, boring-looking white bed, stands a large purple round table. It has two comfy-looking black chairs around it and on the table stands a vase with a lovely bouquet of white roses, a letter’s lying next to it. A few spots light up the total view and you suddenly notice the rose petals all around the floor. Liam watches you shyly.
“Do you like it?”
“Like it? I absolutely adore it! How did you do this? It’s wonderful and so pretty!” You scream happily. Suddenly you notice the letter on the table.
“What do I have to do with that one?” You ask Liam and he laughs:
“Read it, obviously!” His laugh sounds like a group of angels singing, that’s what it makes you feel like inside, it makes you melt.
You insecurely take the letter from the table and read your name on the envelope.
In the envelope you find a little purple paper, which matches the table. It says:
“The surprises aren’t finished yet, maybe you should take a look at our bed.” While reading that aloud, Liam opens the other door of the spare room.
It reveals a large purple double bed with extremely soft-looking pillows -and stuffed animals- on it.
“This actually makes me…” Before you’ve finished your sentence you start to cry silently. Liam sits down on the bed and takes you on his lap. With his arms around you he kisses your cheek, which is a little bit moist because of your tears of happiness.
“From now on this is our little secret place”, he whispers and he kisses your lips gently.

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