Sunday, 1 January 2012

Harry Styles

#Imagine it was Christmas eve. Normally you would just have to spend the time with your parents and your family, but this year was actually completely different. It was different, and came really unexpected also.

Three days ago, Harry and you went shopping together to buy some Christmas presents for your families. Harry thought it was a nice idea to go to London, so that’s what you did. The weather was actually really bad: cold and rainy, but that didn’t matter together. You always had fun with each other, so…
Ah well, eventually you took a taxi (because you both had loads of bags with the loveliest Christmas presents ever seen), and Harry asked you if you wanted to join celebrating Christmas with his family. The look on his face when he asked you that actually made you melt, there, in the back of the taxi.

“Oh my, I think I’ve eaten too much”, Harry said, as he rubbed his tummy slowly.
“It was delicious, mum”, Gemma, Harry’s sister, said to Anne, and we all hummed agreeing.
“Thank you”, Anne said with a wide smile, as she watched every single member of the family at the round table thankfully.
Yes, you now realized you were part of this family. Harry’s family.
Anne said everyone was allowed to have a little break, because the dessert wasn’t ready yet and no one felt like eating anything more now anyway.
Harry stood up and smiled at you.
“So, I think this will last an hour or something… What shall we do now, love?” He walked to the living room and you followed him. “I actually don’t feel like taking part of that fuss, to be honest”, Harry said, as he pointed to his family, which was really noisy at the moment. You nodded and watched Harry closely. You had to admit: he looked wonderful in suits, which he just bought for Christmas. And… his red bow tie matched your dress for today. Little detail.
“Shall we go outside?” Harry whispered and he took your hand, to pull you closer.
“It’s snowing!” You said with a giggle, and you turn around a little bit.
“Does it matter?” Harry suddenly dragged you to the corridor, to take your jacket. He helped you putting it on and afterwards he put on his coat himself.
Without asking you, he grabbed some scarves and gloves and opened the door.
A cold wind immediately stung on your skin, but when Harry looked into your eyes, a warm feeling spread around your chest.
You both stepped outside in the snow and Harry closed the door.
“Babe, look! It’s snowing!” Harry put one arm around your shoulder and you walk further so you can watch the snow. A thick white, cotton-looking layer covered the streets, while little snowflakes fell out of the sky. A cosy feeling stroke up, because of the Christmas lights and decorations at the other houses in the street.
Harry took your hands again and you felt his warmth through the gloves. Your heart beat louder as he stroked your hair and wiped snowflakes away from your jacket.
Still standing in front of Harry’s house, you looked upon the dark snowy sky, as Harry pulled you closer to his chest. You laid your head on his shoulder and he kissed your forehead.
“Beautiful?” He whispered. “Why don’t we go to the shed? It’s much warmer out there.”
You chuckle, because there was no point at going there, since you just got out of the house. Although you just agree.

When you arrived in the shed, Harry put on a soft light, which made the whole thing all very romantic. You threw away your scarves and gloves, and Harry watched you as his eyes strayed to your lips.
“Kiss me”, he whispered with his deep sexy voice. Without any doubt you kissed his lips roughly. Harry completely surrendered to your kiss and he rubs your back with his arms as he pushes you on the couch in the shed.
“I love you, babe”, Harry whispers with a groan and you both lay down on the couch.
“I love you too, Harry”, you sighed, kissing Harry even more passionately.
Harry suddenly stopped, almost lying on top of you with his entire body. He glanced at you and his eyes sparkled a little bit of excitement, while his curls were hanging a little in your face. The smell of apple shampoo tickled your nose and you smiled. Harry stroked your cheek and you winced. He brought his face closer to yours and laid his head to your forehead, you felt his breath teasingly on your lips.
Suddenly a corner of his mouth moved a little upwards, looking mischievously.
“I bet this is going to be a wonderful Christmas.”

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