Friday, 30 December 2011

Zayn Malik

#Imagine you’re in London for a week, with your best friend. It’s like a present from your parents: they thought it would be nice to surprise you once.
Your friend and you got a little hotel room in the center of London. The hotel itself is really nice, and very cheap also, which is very useful.
Today your best friend and you decide to go shopping for a while.

“Abercrombie and Fitch, now?” You ask your friend. The large bags you already got at Jack Wills, Toms, H&M and Primark are really heavy and you almost collapse.
“Come on… We should get a drink at Starbucks now, I’m exhausted!” Your friend yells.
“Okay, okay, I agree. Then tell me where we have to go now, because I haven’t got a slightest idea”, you say as you follow your friend along the street.

“Ooh, I don’t know what to take! I don’t even like coffee!” You jump around indecisive as your friend moans:
“Gosh, love, will you ever change?” She laughs and orders a large cappuccino. “I’ll search for a table we can sit”, she says and she leaves you alone.
With a questionable expression on your face you watch the menu of Starbucks. Your friend was right: you never know what to choose over here.
“You can also choose tea or hot chocolate when you don’t like coffee?” Someone suddenly speaks from behind you. You turn around slowly and look straight into a beautiful pair of eyes.
“Or do you dislike those also?” The boy laughs and his amazing accent echoes in your head.
“Not really!” You say, a little bit taken back from all those gorgeousness at once. “I think I’m going to take hot chocolate, thank you!”
“Good choice”, the guy says, as his brown eyes twinkle and his long eyelashes take you to another world. This is by far the most attractive lad you’ve ever seen!
“I’m Zayn, by the way”, he says. You also mumble your name, you feel your cheeks get a little bit red.
“Nice name”, Zayn’s lips turn into a big smile and he bites his lip as he orders five bottles of fruit juice.
You follow him by ordering a medium hot chocolate with whipped cream.
“Ah, you like sweet, I see”, Zayn says cutely and you smile.
“Yes, I do! But hey, may I ask you, why do you order five bottles?” You ask him. “Are you that thirsty today?” Zayn laughs widely as he shakes his head.
“Obviously not! I got four for my mates as well.” He gestures with his hands to the window: from outside four other boys wave at him. They also look stunning, it’s incredible!
“Here you go, sir”, the woman at the checkout says, as she puts five bottles on the counter. Zayn pays, takes the bottles and turns around at you:
“Hey babe”, he says, “I really need to go now, I’m in a hurry much. I think we need to talk more often! Can I get your number, please?”
Almost amazed you watch him. What did he just say?
“Um, sure!” You stutter and you exchange numbers.
“Good luck with your hot chocolate”, Zayn laughs and he winks at you. “Talk to you soon!”
Zayn leaves you open-mouthed.
“Talk to you soon”, you whisper.

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