Thursday, 22 December 2011

Liam Payne

#Imagine you’ve been together with Liam for one year already, precisely. Yesterday he told you he’d come to your house to pick you up and bring you with him to a mysterious place only he knew.
He didn’t tell you anything more about it.

As a klaxon outside makes a noise, you push the curtains aside: it’s Liam with his gorgeous new car, which he bought like one month ago. The blue varnish sparkles friendly by the sunbeam that reflects on its surface.
You run through the corridor and almost smash the door while closing, because you need to hug your beautiful boyfriend immediately.
“Liam!” You sigh, as he puts his strong arms around you.
You bury your face in his warm jacket and lean with your head on his chest.
“Happy one-year-lasting-relationship-day, babe”, he whispers in your ear as he smiles and you start to giggle.
“Same to you, Liam.”
Just when you want to kiss him, he takes your hand and drags you with him to the car.
“I can’t wait to bring you to my secret place!” He says mysteriously.
“Sounds… scary”, you admit.
“It isn’t scary! Not at all! Now close your eyes, I don’t want you to see where we’re driving”, Liam says and he starts the motor.
You’re really excited right now.

“Open your eyes!” Liam says after you’ve driven for a while, and he chuckles entertained.
When you open your eyes, it’s like you just walk into a fairytale.
“Liam… It’s gorgeous!” You sigh agitated and you look around, Liam helps you to get out of the car.
Liam brought you to the edge of the forest, where an enormous flower field is located. In the middle of the flower field, which contains flowers in very many colours and different sizes, Liam has put down a checked carpet.
He smiles at you and takes your hand, as he leads you to the carpet. You can feel the sunlight on your skin and the fresh fragrance of sweet flowers tickling your nose.
When you reach the red and white checked carpet, you suddenly see a large basket standing in front of you.
“Sit down, lovely”, Liam says softly, so you do.
“I’m totally speechless, Liam. This place is incredible! Why didn’t you tell me before?” You ask him with your mouth wide open. The look of this flower field is just too good to be true. “Am I dreaming?” You whisper.
Liam shakes his head and pulls the basket towards him. He puts his hand in the basket and brings up a tiny black box.
“I bought this for you…” Liam says shyly. “I really hope you like it.”
You look at him like he’s joking, but his eyes are twinkling, so you realize he isn’t.
You remove the red ribbon of the little box and notice the most beautiful necklace you’ve ever seen, laying on a bed of fluffy yellow cotton. The charm is in the shape of a heart, with your name written on it.
Your voice breaks as tears show up in your eyes:
“Liam… How can I ever thank you… I-“
“Don’t say anything, babe”, Liam speaks softly and he brings his face closer to yours. He keeps silent for a while as he’s staring at you with his wonderful brown eyes, you’re drowning in its perfection.
“Baby”, Liam suddenly says and he watches your eyes, like those are the prettiest things he could ever imagine. “I love you.”
He kisses you gently.

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  1. Love this story post more of Liam Payne stories my and I are in love with one direction mostly Liam Payne please and thank you so much