Monday, 19 December 2011

Niall Horan

#Imagine you’re at Niall’s house and you both feel really bored.
“What the hell shall we do now?” Niall screams. He is lying on the couch on his back and his head rests on his hands. You’re sitting on the floor, browsing this stupid magazine about cars.
“Why do you even have this?” You sigh, and you throw it away.
“I don’t know”, Niall says tiredly, as he yawns.
Suddenly you catch sight of a cooking magazine.
“Wait”, you say and you stand up, after stretching yourself a little bit. You take the cooking magazine from the table and look at its cover.
“Niall? I know something we can probably do.”

“You’re amazing!” Niall says and he kisses your cheek.
Yet the table is filled with ingredients you need to bake a cake, and other supplies.
“Thank you”, you say happily and you take a large pink bowl from the table. “So, where do we start?” You ask Niall.
“I guess we should start with the butter?” Niall already walks to the fridge and takes two packets of butter. Afterwards he drops them on the table.
“Wow, too many ingredients! What are we going to do? Bake a cake for a orphanage?” Niall jokes. “We need to get rid of those other supplies.”
You squint. “Need to get rid of those o-…” You take a bag of flour and raise one eyebrow at Niall.
“No, babe. You’re not going to… Are you…? Just… NO!”
Before Niall’s even able to occur it, you grab a handful of flour, which you throw at him. With a soft shriek Niall utters, the flour lands on his face.
“You…” He says totally surprised, his nose and mouth completely covered in a white powder. “Did you just throw flour at your boyfriend? Now this is war!” Niall yells at you and he takes the other bag of flour, which he completely empties on top of your head.
“Oops”, he grins mischievously.
“Look what you did to my hair!” You laugh loudly. This time it’s your turn to throw something at him again.
“Payback time. Choose your weapon wisely”, Niall speaks to you.
You take your time to watch the objects on the table very closely: butter, sugar, spoons, another bowl, a mixer, eggs… Wait.
“I choose eggs!” You say with an enormous smile on your face.
“Nooo, don’t you dare to do that!” Niall says, and you chuckle.
“Guessed wrong!”
It actually looks like you two are a couple of big children, throwing food at each other: but you actually have the time of your life.
At some point the table is empty and the kitchen is a mess, including you and Niall. You both don’t care at all.
“Hey love, you got flour on your lips”, Niall says, smiling cutely, as he kisses you.
Now this tastes even better than a cake.


  1. i love that pic of u niall i am your biggest fan ever xxxxx

  2. AwWW! i love the Niall Imagine! i wish it was real :(