Friday, 16 December 2011

Harry Styles

#Imagine you got a text from Harry, saying: 'Meet me at my place in twenty minutes. .x'. You just stare at your mobile phone, because you really don't know what Harry means. You text him: 'Ok, I'll be there. Anything wrong? xxx'. He doesn't text back and you begin to worry a little bit, because he always types messages very quickly. Though you take your bike and go to Harry's house.

At Harry's you leave your bike at the driveway and you knock three times on the door. No one's home? You stare through the windows, but the corridor is all black and dark. You knock again and shout: "Harry!" Now you discover the door is already open. "What...?" You shrug your shoulders and walk through the corridor, it really looks like nobody's home. But why did you get that text from Harry? You yell his name again, but no one replies, so you start walking up the stairs, towards Harry's room. When you reach the door, you don't even doubt anymore and walk into his room. When you open the door you can't nearly breathe anymore.
Harry's room is lighten up by millions of little candles, which spell your name on the ground. 'I love you', it also says. Tears of happiness cover your face when you see Harry sitting on his bed, smiling at you. "You... I..." You stutter, but Harry walks into you and puts his arms around you. "Don't you say anything, baby", he whispers. You cry and speak softly: "Harry, this is the most beautiful thing a boy has ever done to me." Harry lets you go and looks in your eyes: "I love you", he says. "I love you too, Harry", you say, and after that Harry kisses you passionately.

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