Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson

#Imagine Harry takes you on a date to the cinema. It’s actually your third date, the first one was at London and the previous date you’d been to a restaurant. London was a bit awkward, because you’d just met him, and the last one didn’t work out that well, because Harry secretly felt very ill. But he didn’t want to disappoint you, so eventually you both end up somewhere outside the restaurant, because Harry couldn’t handle it anymore and needed some fresh air.
So, your third date already. You are actually very curious and a little bit scared also, since the previous two dates failed. It was a bit like someone wanted to ruin it or something.

This time Harry doesn’t look ill at all, quite the reverse! He smiles widely when you walk into him, he was already waiting for the cinema for a while.
“Hey!” He shouts and he gives you a hug. When he lets you go again he looks at you very apologizing. “I’m sorry for what happened last time”, he says and he bites his lip, which is very, very attractive. He obviously doesn’t care, because he doesn’t stop talking.
“I promise this is going to be a wonderful night”, he says and he smiles at you. You do the same, a little bit shyly.
“Let’s go inside, I already reserved for that movie you wanted to see.” Harry grabs your hand and together you walk into the cinema.

After a few hours, your date with Harry is over. It was quite amazing indeed, like he promised: you both had a lot of fun talking to each other during the movie, now you finally have the idea you got to know him a bit better.
Right now you’re standing outside again.
“I have to admit I really don’t want to go home now”, Harry says.
“Me neither!” You scream out loud. Harry takes your hand again and smiles mischievously.
“We could stay here”, he says, a cute grin appears on his face.
“Yeah, we could…” You whisper, because you’ve already noticed this is the moment.
Harry looks at your hand he’s holding, and after that his green eyes meet yours. With his left hand he wipes a lock of hair away from your face, and strikes your cheek. You smile at him when he’s looking at your lips, like you have to give him the permission.
Harry brings his head closer and tilts it a little to the right. You close your eyes and suddenly you feel Harry’s lips touching yours. He puts one hand behind your back, while kissing you passionately. He rubs his hand on your back.
This kiss just feels so perfect: you never ever want to stop. It’s like the world doesn’t even exist anymore. It’s just you and Harry, no one else.
Eventually you let each other go, you stare into Harry’s beautiful eyes and open your mouth. Before you can say something, Harry places a finger on your lips and shakes his head. He smiles at you happily.
“Harry!” Very unexpected you hear a voice, coming from behind you. You turn around and suddenly your heart skips a beat: the guy who just spoke is Louis.
Disbelief is written on his face, and the look in his eyes tells you that he’s torn into pieces. Please say this isn’t true, you repeat in your mind. Everyone was allowed to see you with Harry, but...just not Lou. You quickly release Harry’s hand.
“Hi, Lou!” Harry says, unaware of anything.
“I think I need to go”, Louis whispers, he glances at you and turns around again.
“Louis, wait!” You shout, but Louis doesn’t reply. Harry looks at you uncomprehendingly.
“What’s wrong with him?” He asks you, but you do not answer him, you just look at Louis, who just disappeared round the corner.
“He…” You swallow and Harry takes your hand again.
“Tell me what’s going on”, he encourages. You feel like you’re going to cry, though you try to tell Harry about Louis.
“I… He, we”, you stutter.
“Calm down, love, just breathe slowly”, Harry comforts you and he puts his strong arms around you.
“It was like two months ago”, you tell him, with his arms still around you. Harry is listening to you closely, while he wipes the tears from your cheeks.
“Louis told me he loved me”, you whisper. “But I said I didn’t feel the same about him. I thought it was over. And now… Now… I feel so bad for him, Harry!”
“It’s okay, beautiful”, Harry says. “It’s going to be alright, you hear me?”
“It’s not!” You cry.
“Love, stop!” Harry takes your head in his hands and forces you to look at him.
“I know Lou. It’s going to be all right, trust me. I’ll talk to him, he will be fine. Believe me.” He kisses your forehead.
“Thank you, Harry”, you say, and your voice breaks. “I feel a little bit better now.”
Harry smiles uncertainly. “Make sure you do. I don’t want you to cry anymore, it makes me feel sad.”
“Thanks again”, you say and you put a little kiss on Harry’s nose.
Harry kisses your cheek. “No problem. I’ll be there for you.”

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