Monday, 12 December 2011

Zayn Malik

#Imagine Zayn called you yesterday night. He sounded really sad on the phone, but you realized he didn’t let go what he really wanted to say. When you asked him what was wrong, he said he was fine. But he was obviously not: this didn’t feel right at all.
So, Zayn asked you to come over to the city park next morning. You agreed, but secretly you didn’t trust this whole thing. Why did he want to get together in the park? And he sounded so…grief. Almost disappointed. What if he wanted to break up with you? That thought made you feel very insecure and frightened. He still loved you, right?

With a sick feeling in your tummy you’re heading towards to the park. When you reach the large iron fence, you already see Zayn: he’s sitting under a tree, with his headphones on, his head’s moving along to the beat of the music he’s listening to.
“Zayn?” You say, hesitantly. He looks up and quickly puts his headphones off.
“Hi, love!” He shouts. Zayn doesn’t kiss you like he normally does, but he just hugs you cautiously.
“So… Vas happenin’?” You keep asking each other that every time, it became a joke.
Zayn looks into your eyes and you can’t nearly breathe. The glance he sends you is so heartbreaking you immediately want to run away from this park.
“I have to go”, Zayn suddenly says and he takes your hands.
“W-what do you mean?” You say confused, because this wasn’t what you expected.
“We’re leaving: the boys and me. We’re going on tour for one year.” Your breath failed, you gasp and stutter:
“What! O-one year? You’re kidding me, right?” Zayn shakes his head.
“No, I’m not…” Zayn bites his lip and it looks like he’s going to cry. So are you.
“Zayn…” You whisper, but Zayn puts his arms around you and pulls you close to him, he kisses the corner of your mouth and looks into your eyes again.
“I don’t want to leave you”, he whispers. “Not for one whole killing year.”
You both get scared and let each other go. This exclamation came from Liam, who runs into you right now, with a big smile on his face.
“Not now, Liam”, Zayn sighs with moistly eyes and he looks away.
“No, Zayn, wait, you don’t understand!” Liam still laughs. “You know, I just called our management.”
You raise one eyebrow, and Zayn looks surprised at Liam.
“So what..?” He asks him. Liam chuckles and smiles teasingly.
“I just wanted to tell you your lovely girlfriend is allowed to go with us on tour.”
“WHAT?!” Zayn and you scream at the same time, and before he knows, Liam gets a hug-attack from the cutest couple on earth.

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