Sunday, 4 December 2011

Harry Styles

#Imagine you’re going to Harry’s house, because he decided to buy a pet today, and he wants you to choose it with him.
When you reach the front door Harry’s mum Anne appears.
“Hi sweetie”, Anne says as she hugs you, “come in! Harry is already waiting for you.”

You walk into the living room and see Harry lying on the couch.
“Hi!” He shouts happily and he jumps off the couch to hug you immediately.
“Hi Harry!” You say to him, while grinning.
“I missed you”, Harry says and he kisses your cheek.
“Guys!” Anne suddenly shouts. “You should probably go right now, the pet shop closes between now and half an hour!”
Harry chuckles and takes your hand: “Let’s go, then, I can’t wait!”

“I bet you’re going to buy a kitten”, you say almost accusatory.
“Damn”, Harry admits, “I think you got me there! Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do: I love cats!” He looks at you with twinkles in his eyes and his dimples appear as he smiles wider.
“So…” You open the door from the pet shop and Harry almost plunges into the shop, he looks like a little boy in a candy store. “What kind of kitten do you want?” You ask Harry.
“Hm, I honestly don’t care. I like every cat, actually”, Harry says.
Suddenly you see an employee appearing.
“Excuse me sir, but where can we find the kittens?” You ask him very nicely. The man points at the left corner of the room and Harry drags you with him.
“Aw, look at that!” Harry says.
This is actually too cute to watch! You almost begin to doubt about Harry’s love for you by seeing this extremely adorable view.
“Which one do you like most?” Harry got two little kittens on his lap right now: one with a grey fur and a very long tail, and the other one is white with black spots. The last one has green eyes, just like Harry.
“You need to take that one with you!” You say to Harry and you point at the kitten with the spots.
“I also think that’s the right decision”, Harry says, while he pets the kitten in a very lovely way, by stroking it’s fur. He takes the grey one and puts it back:
“I’m sorry cutie pie, but I can’t take two of you with me, unfortunately I’m not allowed to!”

After he’d paid off you’re both walking outside again.
“This is the cutest cat I’ve ever seen”, Harry says happily and he puts his left arm around you, while holding the bench with the kitten in the other hand very careful.
“How are you going to call him, though?” You ask Harry, but he laughs.
“It’s a girl”, he says chuckling. “And I think it’s obvious to tell you I’m going to name my kitten after you.”
He brings his face closer to yours and kisses your lips, just when the little kitten meows.