Saturday, 3 December 2011

Niall Horan

#Imagine you need to prepare yourself for a date with Niall today. He asked you out, but he didn’t tell you what you are going to do. He just told you to put some comfy clothes on.

It’s seven o’clock already and you haven’t finished your hair yet, but Niall’s already standing at the front door. You sigh and walk to the door. Stupid hair, you have to go without it looking perfect, then.
When you open the door you see Niall standing there, smiling widely and glancing at you. He looks like the perfect date, like always: he doesn’t even have to brush his hair or something, it’s always fine, even when he comes right out of bed.
“Hi darling”, Niall says and he kisses you quickly.
“Hi Niall”, you whisper shyly. Niall lets you go.
“So, where are we going tonight?” You ask him very excited.
“Yeah, that’s the question. I got an answer, but I won’t tell you yet.” Niall winks and takes your hand. “I’m going to bring you somewhere, at first we’ll walk to the Starbucks over there”, he says and he points at the left side of the street. “After that you’re not allowed to look anymore.” You get very curious right now, but Niall doesn’t seem to bother.

“Open your eyes, beautiful!” Niall whispers in your ear. Finally you’re able to open your eyes again: the view of the beach shocks you. A beautiful sunset adorns the sky and the waves from the sea make a soft noise, which makes you feel very comfortable.
“No one’s here, just you and me. It’s perfect”, Niall whispers.
“It’s beautiful, Niall. Thank you so much for bringing me here”, you answer him.
Niall puts his arms around your waist and pulls you towards him. His forehead leans on yours and he looks into your eyes insinuatingly.
“Baby”, he speaks very softly, “don’t you ever forget that I love you and I always will, no matter what happens.”
After that he kisses you gently, and you know you’ve never felt happier in your life.


  1. Oh my gosh, I think I just died ♥ _ ♥

  2. Oh My God! I can barely see the screen due to my watery eyes <3 :D