Saturday, 3 December 2011

Louis Tomlinson

#Imagine it’s Christmas and you haven’t seen Louis for ages, because he’d been away with the boys and you couldn’t go with him. You were incredibly happy when he texted you a little message:
‘Babeee! I’m back tomorrow! Can’t wait to see you again xxx’
Normally he sends longer texts, but this time it probably was a short message because he had to catch the plane or something.

Anyway, you woke up this morning feeling so exciting to see Louis again, it’s like a perfect Christmas present, but you didn’t get any other texts from him, so you decide to call him after breakfast with your family.
With a smile on your face you search for Louis’ number in your phone and click the green ‘call’-button.
For some reason he doesn’t pick up.
“Damn”, you mumble. But maybe he can’t reply you already. He sure will later!

Hours pass, and you still haven’t heard anything of Louis. You start to get concerned. You already tried to call him over twenty times today. And text him even more times…
It’s about seven o’clock right now and your family is at your place tonight, this year it was your mum’s turn to cook and invite them here.
Everyone’s feeling really happy, but you feel like crying. Something happened with Louis, you’re very sure. You told your mum about it, but she told you not to worry about him. But hey, you’re not worried anymore, you’re freaking out!

At nine o’clock you give up: Louis is never going to call you back anymore. Something went wrong today. With tears in your eyes you want to walk up the stairs, but someone stops you: it’s your dad.
“Please love, it’s time to open the presents now.”
Reluctantly you walk after him to the living room, where your family’s already waiting for you.
“And because you feel so down today, you’re the first one allowed to open a present”, your annoying nephew says.
“It’s the big one”, your mum says and she points at a very large red box with a golden ribbon on it. Weird. You haven’t seen that one today.
You remove the ribbon and open the box, when suddenly someone shouts:
You almost fell backward when Louis jumps out of the box. You got really scared but at the same time you feel extremely happy. You cry, again. But this time you cry tears of happiness.
“I missed you so much!” Louis says, he hugs you and kisses your forehead. He strikes your hair with his hands and kisses you on your lips softly.
“Do you like your Christmas present, beautiful?” Louis whispers.
“I love you, Louis!” You almost scream.
“I love you more. Merry Christmas.”
“Merry Christmas”, you say, almost breathless.

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