Friday, 2 December 2011

Harry Styles

#Imagine Harry is on tour with the boys and you miss him very much. You two decided to e-mail each other to keep in touch, so that's exactly what you’re going to do right now.
You’re at the park in your hometown right now and you brought your laptop with you. You take it easy and sit down under a tree, from where you’re able to watch everything around you very closely. Busy businessmen in suits pass by, while happy-looking children are playing with their toys. It’s a beautiful day, but you don’t feel joyous at all. Your eyes almost filled with tears, you take a look at your laptop screen and the last e-mail Harry has sent you. You haven’t seen him for about a month, which is too long. Of course he asked the management if you could go with him on tour, but they told him it was impossible. Unfortunately…
The last e-mail you got was full of depressive thoughts from Harry, saying he missed you so. He told you the shows they’d given already were really great, but also tiresome. Your eyes slide over the last sentences Harry wrote:
‘I actually sent you something pretty important, as kind of a surprise. It’s a letter. But you have to promise me, read it this Monday at 1:00, not earlier, not later.’

Yes: you also got a letter from Harry and you brought it with you today.
With your heart almost beating in your throat you open the letter. At first you don’t get it and you read it again. But it’s a bit mysterious, so you can’t think of the reason why Harry would send you this. You’ll do what the message told you to do, though:
‘What do you see when you look around? Text me.’
You take your phone and text Harry exactly what you see:
‘I can see businessmen walking around, mothers taking their children with them to the playground, couples sitting in the grass… And now? .x’
What do you have to expect?
You almost got a heart attack because of a bleep coming from your mobile phone: a text from Harry, obviously.
‘You’re at the City Park?’
You frown. Why does Harry even want to know this, does it make sense?
‘Well, yes I am. Why are you asking?’
Frustrated you push the ‘send’-button again.
“Because I needed to know where you were”, you suddenly hear from behind you.
“HARRY?!” You jump and almost drop your laptop on the ground. You turn around and it’s really Harry, he’s smiling at you, looking gorgeous as always.
“How… What…?” You stutter, but Harry runs into you and hugs you, he holds you tightly with his strong arms.
“I couldn’t handle it anymore, I missed you so much”, Harry whispers in your ear, he still holds you like he’ll never let go anymore.
“Me too”, you sob, a tear finds his way across your cheek.
Harry takes your chin in both hands and looks into your eyes. He dries your tears also.
“I love you, Harry”, you say.
“I love you too.” And Harry kisses you like he’d never kissed you before.

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