Friday, 2 December 2011

Zayn Malik

#Imagine it's a snowy, cold night and Zayn asked you to come over to his place to watch a movie with him. Actually he never had to ask you that, because this is just what you two do every Friday night.
You jump on your bike, facing the cold outside. Even with three scarves wrapped around your neck you feel like you're going to freeze to death. Anyway, luckily it doesn't take that long to ride to Zayn's house.
During this little trip your hands get icy and you can't feel your toes anymore. A wide smile appears on your face when you're able to see the street Zayn lives in. When you reach his house you drop the bike in front of the big window, which is from the living room, and ring the bell. Zayn immediately opens the door.
'Come in, you must feel like a snowman right now.' Zayn smiles skew and corrects himself: 'Snowwoman. Or girl. Whatever, you get me anyway.'
Zayn kisses you quickly and helps you removing your jacket.
'Thanks, babe', you say. 'What movie are we going to watch this time? It's your turn to choose, remember?'
'Of course I remember!' Zayn says mysteriously, and he walks up the stairs first. You walk after him and both of you enter Zayn's bedroom.
'Are we the only ones at home tonight?' You ask him while plumping down on the loveseat. Zayn nods.
'Yup. So we can sing loudly wherever we want to, whenever we want to!' He chuckles and sits down next to you, after he'd clicked on 'play'.
The movie is just on for a few minutes, when suddenly a heavy noise sounds, which is from outside.
'What the hell!' You scream very frightened. Zayn also got scared, but he walks to the window to look outside.
'Come over here!' He says, his eyes widened. You stand up and do what he just told you.
'Oh my god', you say, almost breathless. This has to be the worst blizzard you've ever seen. Snow covers the street everywhere, like a white sparkling blanket. Not a cosy blanket, though. A very thick layer of snow shows itself around the house.
'Zayn, look!' You point at Zayn's neighbor's car. It's completely covered in snow.
'Well', Zayn says, 'I guess you need to stay here tonight... There's absolutely no way to get home when the weather's like this.' He lifts one eyebrow really provocatively and takes your left hand and rubs it softly, while looking into your eyes. You can't help it but you lick your lips.
What had to be a normal movie night probably turns into a very tensive one...

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