Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Harry Styles & Liam Payne

#Imagine today you had a date with Harry. You always had feelings for him, but this time he asked you out, you kind of yelled at your phone when you read it. You and Harry went to the cinema together to watch a romantic comedy, it was like a perfect first date. After the movie had finished Harry even kissed you…

Right now you’re lying in your bed, thinking about tonight and the perfect kiss in the end. You chuckle.
You’re almost asleep, but suddenly you got a text. You take your mobile phone and watch the screen, thinking it’s from Harry. But it’s not: it’s a message from your best friend, Liam.
‘Love, I need to talk to you. Is it possible to meet ya tomorrow morning? Xoxo.’
You frown and wonder what he’s talking about, though you send a message back: ‘Of course, at my house at eleven? See you there! x’. Liam only replies ‘Ok’ and with a weird feeling in your tummy you fall asleep.

That morning Liam shows up at your house. ‘Hi Liam!’ You say happily, but Liam doesn’t seem happy at all.
‘Hi’, he says almost silently.
‘Is there something wrong, Liam?’ You ask him, a little bit worried. ‘Come in!’
Liam walks in, but stands still in the corridor.
‘I broke up with Danielle’, he says abruptly. That statement makes your mouth hang wide open.
‘You… you what?! But why, Liam? I thought you had such a great time together!’
Liam just shakes his head. ‘We had… But it just felt like everything I did was wrong. My feelings for her aren’t the same anymore.’ He shuts his eyes and looks at the ground.
‘Aw, come over here’, you say compassionately, while you hug him. He puts his arms around you tightly and cries silently.
‘Babe?’ He suddenly says and lets you go. His eyes are moistly because he’d been crying and he watches you.
‘Yes, Liam?’
‘Do you know why I broke up with Danielle?’ Huh? You thought he just told you that?
‘Um, yes, you just…’
But Liam interrupts you, by kissing you softly and very unexpected. You join him because it just feels like it is meant to be, but when he lets you go again you feel like you just got hit right in the face.
Liam AND Harry.
What just happened?

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