Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Niall Horan

#Imagine you’re at a book signing of One Direction, you took a letter with you, which you wrote for Niall. You’re really nervous when you reach the signing table, your hands are shaking and the letter and the book you want to get signed almost fall on the ground. When Liam, Harry, Zayn and Louis signed your book, you walk to Niall. Your voice trembles while saying:
‘Hi Niall!’
Niall smiles at you: ‘Hi, babe, how are you?’
‘I’m fine, thanks. What about you?’
Niall signs your book and says: ‘I’m great!’
You get your book back and need to walk away; you almost forget your letter.
‘Wait, Niall, I got a letter for you!’ Niall stares at you right now, his eyes full of surprise.
‘For me? Really?’ Niall says amazed. You give him the letter and nod, but the security pushes you away now. You can’t even say goodbye to Niall, before you know you’re outside again.

When you’re at home after the signing, you feel incredibly disappointed. And you’re also mad at the security. Why did they have to push you away so early? You wanted to talk to Niall about the letter you wrote. The only consolation is that he’s got the letter himself, you hope he’ll read it anyway.

You don’t want to, but you need to go to bed, your parents are complaining about you being so sulky tonight.
Right before you reach your bed, your mobile phone starts to ring. Probably your best friend, who wants to know what happened at the signing. She couldn’t go, unfortunately.
You take your phone and watch the caller, but an unknown number adorns your screen. Weird, you never get unknown calls. Got to take it, then.
‘Hi?’ You say astonished.
‘Um, hi there, it’s Niall’, a beautiful voice speaks hesitantly.
‘What…’ You say almost silently.
‘I’m sorry to call, do I disturb you? Your phone number is the only thing I got from you.’ You keep silent, simply because you don’t know anything to say.
‘Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the letter. Really, thank you so much, it made my day, I’m still smiling because of your words, to be honest. That story you wrote, wonderful’
‘You’re welcome, Niall’, you whisper.
Now Niall doesn’t say anything either. You can hear he’s still trying to find a word to say.
‘So, um, do you got anything to do tomorrow?’ Niall plumps out.
Your mouth falls open. Niall just… Niall just kind of asked you out? No way!
‘No, nothing yet.’
Good decision to leave your phone number.

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