Wednesday, 30 November 2011

One Direction

#Imagine you’re on a holiday with your family in France, Paris. You got a very chic room in a hotel with four stars: your parents spent a lot of money on this trip.
When you wake up in a very large double bed, you almost feel like a princess.
You jump out of bed and after that you take a shower, put on some clothes and make up and you get ready for breakfast. It’s in the lobby, where a big buffet’s waiting for you.
You don’t take a seat, but walk directly into the buffet. You take a plate and grab some sandwiches and croissants at the same time.
‘Wow, someone’s really hungry over here.’
You turn around and look right into the gorgeous eyes of Niall Horan. Your jaw almost drops. When Niall sees your facial expression he laughs.
‘Hey, doesn’t matter, I’m hungry too!’ Niall also grabs a lot of sandwiches. You can barely say anything, but luckily you succeed explaining why you’re so hungry:
‘Yes, I feel really hungry. I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. We got here very late tonight, so we haven’t had any time to eat something.’
Niall nods. ‘I understand. Well, bon appétit!’
You smile at him. ‘Same to you!’
Niall almost walks away, but you don’t want him to leave, so you say:
‘Are you here with the lads?’
Niall frowns, because he now understands that you know One Direction.
‘Yes, they’re over there!’ He points at a table in the corner of the lobby. Harry, Louis, Zayn and Liam look up and Niall waves at them, they wave back, so do you.
‘We’re here for our documentary!’ Niall laughs at you.
‘That’s so cool! Good luck to y’all!’ You say sincerely. Now Liam also appears.
‘Are you a fan?’ He asks with a wide cute smile on his face. Your cheeks turn a little bit red.
‘Yes I am’, you say.
‘Do you mind helping us filming our documentary? We need like three fans to interview and stuff’, Liam says to you.
‘Really?!’ You kind of scream right now. ‘I’d love to!’
‘Ah, that’s a very good idea of yours, Liam!’ Niall says, he puts his arm around you. ‘Could you come with us after breakfast, or…?’ You nod heavily.
‘Yes, of course I can!’ Those stupid ideas from your parents of watching the Eiffel Tower could wait.


  1. I love your stories !!! don't ever stop writing them :D

  2. OMG I LOVE IT!!!! IT'S